14 February. Valentine’s Day.

14 February. Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day in Baku for couples would be unforgettable with Azerbaijan Travel International. And they will remember this day for a long time, remembering this trip with full of the most positive emotions.

Azerbaijanis know the power of love. The pages of the history of our country, both legendary and true, are connected with love stories. Love, sung by all poets, has always been the driving force of our nation so that Turkic soldiers are still marching on the enemy under military marches with the words of love lyrics. Not without reason, the Azerbaijani appeal to a woman is a respectful and protective “Khanum”, which means “My Lady”. Nevertheless, it’s not without reason that Azerbaijan celebrates  not one, but two whole Valentine’s Days: June 30 and, of course, February 14.

Guests of the capital who have already been on tours in Baku are well acquainted with the symbol of our city – the Maiden Tower. We can consider it as a symbol of love as well. One of the legends about the origin of the name of the Tower is connected  to the history of the  misalliance, with the legend about love between princess’ and a simple fisherman. The tragedy was that  her father did not want her marry with him. She set a choose for him – either the lover, or she would commit suicide in order to be with her loved one forever. The father laughed and said that she is not as brave as her talking. Then the princess climbed to the roof of the Tower and proved her faith in eternal love by her death.

Another version about the origin of the name of the Maiden Tower arises in the ancient eastern, mythological symbol of the female and male principles “Yin” and “Yang”. However, the force that unified these two foundations of life has always been – love.

Walking along the streets of Baku you can find yourself in a place that was created several years ago. It is the Park of Lovers’.

Azerbaijan Travel International Agency announces a discount for couples in love on February 14. Tour to Shamakhi-Gabala – to the north-west of Azerbaijan can be arranged with a fantastic discount on Valentine’s Day – 40%!

Valentine’s Day. On this day, we will take you on a trip in which you can find out the diverse nature of the country, its history, feel and justify that in any development – as both of a person and of society, love plays the main role.


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  1. Azerbaijan Travel International
    Ramazanli Mushfig

    For us Valentine’s Day is lovely and beautiful)We love to spend this day in a special place, for exampe Azerbaijan,Baku. In the city they have Park of Love specially for this day.
    You also can drink wine in a Boelavard Sea side park area with a view to the Caspian Sea and take a rest in the evening in one of national restaurants with a beautiful cousine

    2 months ago

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