Baku nightlife

Baku nightlife

When all the museums and attractions of Baku are done, it’s time to dive into the nightlife of the city. The most vibrant nightlife is from clubs, bars and discos to live music among all the cities of Azerbaijan is in its capital Baku. Tourists will be satisfied with the choice and quality of bars and clubs. The central part of the city is largely oriented towards foreign tourists, therefore, such a side of tourism as nightlife is also actively developing and, due to its orientation to foreigners, is distinguished by high service and good contingent.

baku nightlife

Most nightclubs originated in the last decade or so after the influx of oil workers, expatriates. Bars, clubs and discos are open until late in the morning, especially at weekends. Food and drink prices are reasonable compared to American and European counterparts.

crystall hall

Crystal Hall the largest nightclub of the region is located here on the Caspian coast, which is equipped with the latest technology. Tourists from all over the world come to Baku to participate in such international events as Eurovision Song Contest, European Games, Formula 1, and other events of no less importance. The colorful streets of the center of the capital are full of original signs of numerous restaurants, cafes, pubs, wine and other establishments, inviting to the light and delicious evenings.

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  1. Azerbaijan Travel International

    We love travelling and in each country, we love to spend nighttime in clubs and restaurants drinking alcohol and dancing, enjoying, until morning. In Baku, we visit all nightclubs, especially we like Pacifico and EnergyClub nearby to the Caspain Sea

    1 year ago

  2. Azerbaijan Travel International

    Night time in Baku very interesting, especially if your hotel is nearby to the Sea. You can order food to your room, looking at the sunset and drinking beer or wine. Then you can go and walk in the street and find a new friends)

    1 year ago

  3. Azerbaijan Travel International

    Night life is for us. We are young couple and we want to enjoy. Restaurants, clubs, disco, alcohol and dancings

    1 year ago

  4. Azerbaijan Travel International
    Clair Williams

    Baku is not only the cosmopolitan capital of Azerbaijan. Also Baku is certainly a pleasant atmosphere and aroma of this country. A city of contrasts, bright color, fire and wind. At night, the windy capital turns dynamically into a kaleidoscope of scenes, with the possibility of attracting someone in a whirlwind of nightlife.

    12 months ago

  5. Azerbaijan Travel International
    Rime Zarevic

    At Night Baku turns into the biggest light Show. As I heard from the Tour guide, Country is spending thousands US Dollars oer day for lightening the city!
    Thats really affordable….

    11 months ago

  6. Azerbaijan Travel International
    Helen Mirray

    We always try to spend time in the Cities and tours like a in using our free time from travelling and especially in Night Time.In Baku you can find beautiful clubs and disco near by to the Caspian Sea dancing antil morning.We love it.

    11 months ago

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