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Azerbaijan Travel International is pleased to present our guests National Cuisine Tour VIP.

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Great news for the food lovers! Be ready to taste various dishes of Azerbaijan cuisine with such a cheap price! As in every tour, in the case of National Cuisine tour the professional guide and driver will meet you in front of your accommodation and lead you to our transport.

During the tour the guide will firstly inform you about various features of Azerbaijani cuisine including its history, regional patterns, and varieties. About 2000 dishes are known in Azerbaijan cuisine. As Antony Jackson, one of the well-known English voyagers witnessed, 150 varieties of dishes were on the table when he was invited to dinner by Abdulla khan in Shamakhi and 140 varieties presented as the second part of the dinner. Our cuisine is rich with dishes made with meats of wild and domestic animals. The meat of a male animal, Shishek (two-three-years-old sheep) and meat of castrated animals are considered to be more delicate and delicious. Preference is given to white-velvet like the meat of animals that live on mountains, mountain foothills, and pastures. This kind of meat contains oil drops within the structure of cells which helps it to cook and taste better. Just one of the dishes – pilaf can be cooked in more than 40 ways.

You will be served Pilaf with fragrant saffron, juicy kebab flavored with sumac, bughlama and levengi, shekerbura (delicious dessert that combines sweetness of sugar and bitterness of nuts). Moreover, a table will be overladen with fresh fruits and vegetables as well as sour-sweet sherbet as a soft drink – all of which are creative and delicious foods of Azerbaijani cuisine. Harmony of used ingredients including different types of sauces and spices give the national cuisine its unique taste.

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Service type : VIP
Duration: 4 hours
Included: English-speaking Guide, hotel transfer, dinner menu
Excluded: Insurance, Personal expenditures

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