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During the tour your first stop will be the Baku’s Upland Park which is the highest point in the Azerbaijani capital, opening a panoramic view of the city and its bay. It is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in Baku, which makes it suitable for quiet walks.

Our guide will lead you to the specific spot of the park where you will have a chance to see the unique view of the city with its beautiful buildings and attractions including Baku Eye, Christal Hall and the city Boulevard. Furthermore, you will have a view of the buildings such as national parliament - the Milli Majlis, and Flame Towers, which are three high-rise buildings, including a hotel, apartments and offices. The panels between windows are horizontally covered with LED screens that display the movement of fire visible from the farthest points of the city. The lights create visual effects of torches, which emphasizes the main idea of ​​the towers lying in their names - "Flame Towers". Furthermore, our guides will lead you to the Alley of Honor where you will get acquainted with the memories of our honorable artists, singers, and composers including the singer Muslim Magomayev who was famous with his vocal talent and charisma during the Soviet period.
The next stop is going to be the Baku Boulevard, which is considered as sea embankment, beauty and pride of Baku. It is 25 kilometers of magnificent park with exotic trees, shopping and entertainment centers, magnificent bicycle paths, views of the Government House of Soviet Azerbaijan. Additionally, the park is famous for having a small version of Venice. With its canals and bridges, as well as boat trips, it fascinates the guests of the city and the people of Baku.

While taking the rest in this amazing park you will immediately recognize one of the architectural masterpieces of the world, which is the Government House of Soviet Azerbaijan. It took almost 16 years to construct this mammoth structure when the Azerbaijan was under Soviet authority. Moreover, historical evidences show that German prisoners of the war were used to build this huge structure.
The Baku City tour will be finalized with our visit to the Heydar Aliyev Center, which is considered as masterpiece of modern architecture with the style of deconstructionism from the "Queen of Curved Lines" from Zaha Hadid. On its territory, there is a magnificent park with green lawns and snow-white footpaths which pass near original sculptures and compositions, the most famous of which being the favorite of the guests of the city, "I Love Baku".
Baku City tour will be followed by a lunch in the Old Town part of Baku city. The lunch will include the set of national dishes of Azerbaijani cuisine. During the lunch our guide will entertain you with a fascinating and interesting story in the place of immediate events.
By taking our Old City tour, you will have amazing walk in the heart of Baku, a place where architectural styles and historical events intertwine. While listening to our guide you will have a chance to enjoy the harmonious interaction among the ancient oriental buildings of a typical medieval city, the European-style mansions of the “oil barons” of the early 20th century, Soviet architecture, and ultramodern hotels.

Moreover, you will be informed about the unique history of Maiden Tower, City Walls, Monument to Lovers and Cats, Juma Mosque, Chinese Mosque and many other important places of interest. The culture, people, architecture and further aspects of the Old City is different from the whole Baku which means it is “the city inside the city”.
One of the most important architectural masterpiece in the Old City is the Palace of the Shirvansahahs, which is also called the crown jewel of the Baku. This tour will include the entrance to the Palace where will leave an unforgettable impression in your mind with the combination of its bright walls and dark stories.

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