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The lunch will be followed by our visit to Ateshgah which is also called the Temple of Fire. This temple is the most famous place of Absheron peninsula, loved by the guests of the city. The sanctuary of the eternal fire was built in the 17th century on the site of the most ancient temple of the Zoroastrians. For two centuries, it was a pilgrimage site for Hindus, Sikhs and other representatives of the exotic cults of the East. The ancient exhibits located in the present cells of Indian and Zoroastrian hermits, will let you know how one of the oldest religion in the world meaning Zoroastrianism were practiced.

Moreover, by visiting the temple you will see the famous guest house, where the “father of the three musketeers” Alexander Dumas and the great Russian chemist Mendeleyev stayed.
The second stop of our Absheron tour is going to be the Mardakan Castle, which is also called the Quadrangular Fortress. The castle is a 13th century Shirvan architectural monument, which was built during Mongolian invasion of Europe and Asia. On the top of the fortress walls you will taste the feeling of being in charge of fortress and feel yourself the master of a medieval castle
The last stop of the tour will be Yanardag – Burning mountain. The natural eternal flame that bursts from the bowels of the mountain, from a depth of several kilometers over many centuries, is a unique natural phenomenon. The fire line surrounding the foot of the summit will give you an impression of the Land of Lights and leave an unforgettable memory of the tour.

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