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Info Tours
Info Tours

Info Tours in Baku and across the Republic of Azerbaijan, conducted by the leading guides of ATI company, offer an expansion of knowledge and a pleasant pastime at the same time. Information about cultural and historical landmarks can sometimes be dry and monotonously presented, but this is not the case with our specialists. We deliver knowledge in a lively way, with a dramatic narrative sequence, historical facts, hypotheses, legends, and humanistic analysis of events. Using a professional tour route, an info tour provides an opportunity for interactive learning with live illustrations and on-site events.

Our consultants in the field of history, religion, culture, art, architecture, and any area of local studies conduct Info Tours in Baku and other cities of Azerbaijan to improve the qualifications of tourism industry employees. In addition, info tours can be oriented towards journalists, writers, playwrights, bloggers, and other publicists and conducted in the format of press tours. Let ATI company's expert guides show you the best of Azerbaijan's culture and history through our informative and engaging Info Tours.

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