Pink Lake - Candy Cane Mountains - Chirag Gala Castle Tour

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Pink Lake - Candy Cane Mountains - Chirag Gala Castle Tour
Pink Lake - Candy Cane Mountains - Chirag Gala Castle Tour Pink Lake - Candy Cane Mountains - Chirag Gala Castle Tour Pink Lake - Candy Cane Mountains - Chirag Gala Castle Tour Pink Lake - Candy Cane Mountains - Chirag Gala Castle Tour Pink Lake - Candy Cane Mountains - Chirag Gala Castle Tour Pink Lake - Candy Cane Mountains - Chirag Gala Castle Tour

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Pink Lake, Candy Cane Mountains and Chirag Gala Castle Tour passes through the European part of Azerbaijan, is directed to the northern regions of the country and includes four visiting points.

Each of them represents special, in the natural sense, places and architectural and cultural monuments of the history of Azerbaijan. Tour Pink Lake, Candy Cane Mountains and Chiraggala Castle is a trip with elements of hiking, it is interesting and exciting.




The pink lake Masazir-Gol is located on the territory of the Absheron village of Masazir, which is located near Khirdalan, the most southeastern city in Europe.

There are not a dozen red lakes all over the world, and one of them is the pink lake Masazir-Gol. During the hours of sunrise and sunset, the water shimmers with many shades of red. Against the backdrop of this unusual reservoir, guests will have the opportunity to take photos and videos as a keepsake.

Where the land of the Absheron peninsula passes into the continent, the massif of the foothills of the North Caucasus, the mountains of Khizi, begins. Daghlis live here. Daghli is a sub-ethnos of the Iranian nation, Azerbaijanis of Persian origin, one of the few European Persian tribes.

There is a section in Khizi where the mountains are unique in their appearance. Candy Cane Mountains (also called Colored Mountains, Agate Mountains and Rainbow Mountains) are popularly called for their similarity in color to sugar candies in purple stains.

A picturesque asphalt road winding like a mountain river running between the Colored Mountains for several kilometers is an indescribable positive emotion and an invaluable experience even for a sophisticated traveler.

Beshbarmag Mountain (translated as Five Fingers) is a sanctuary with which an ancient legend about the saint is associated. He gained immortality by drinking from the source of eternal life in the bowels of the mountain marked by Allah. And “Five Fingers” is the name that the mountain received due to its appearance: two hundred years ago, the top of the mountain consisted of five vertical rocks and looked like a human hand. And if we treat the shape of the human palm as a graphic Arabic script, then it can be compared with the Arabic spelling of the word "Allah".

Mount Beshbarmag is a picturesque place. The car ride up the winding dirt road ends with a stop at the base of the rock at the top of the mountain. Further, the guests will be filled with romance and feelings of the presence of mysticism, climbing the steep stairs to the peak. There, against the backdrop of an eagle's whistle and a fresh wind from a height of 500 meters, a wonderful view of the Caspian Sea and the plain between it and the mountain range opens up.

At the foot of Mount Gilgil is the village of Galaalti. Due to the picturesque area and healing mineral water springs, there are many recreation areas, restaurants and cafes. In one of the restaurants, guests can enjoy a delicious and hearty lunch. Among the greenery of the local mountains, meat and vegetable kebab, Choban salad, rustic bread and drinks will be served on the table. Lunch ends with a glass of fragrant tea, as is customary in the Azerbaijani cuisine tradition.

Chirag Gala Castle stands on the top of Mount Gilgil. It was built fifteen centuries ago during the Persian rule of the Sassanids. The steepness of the ascent to 1250 meters inspires and amazes. Along mountain impassability, guests are approaching the summit in off-road vehicles of our company's subcontractors.


When no all-terrain vehicles can pass, the last two hundred meters to the foundation of the fortress you have to walk along the path among the thickets against the magnificent backdrop of the view from the mountainside. And further along the steps to the walls of the ancient citadel, which until the XXVIII century. served as a signal tower for several state formations of Azerbaijan. An all-round view of tens of kilometers, the magnificence of nature and the historicity of the fortress is a worthy culmination of the tour Pink Lake, colored mountains and the Chirag Gala Castle, after which a return to Baku follows.

  •   Tour Category: Day Trips
  •   Minimum number of people: 2
  •   Start Time: 09:00 AM
  •   Duration: 8 hours
  •   Included: Professional English speaking guide, transfer from the hotel and back to the hotel, comfortable vehicle with seat belts and air conditioning, lunch during the tour, additional off-road transfer.
  •   Excluded: Personal expenses