Shamakhi–Gabala Tour

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Shamakhi–Gabala Tour
Shamakhi–Gabala Tour Shamakhi–Gabala Tour Shamakhi–Gabala Tour Shamakhi–Gabala Tour Shamakhi–Gabala Tour Shamakhi–Gabala Tour Shamakhi–Gabala Tour

Azerbaijan can be proudly called a land of bright culture, history and the natural beauty. We are sure to admit that scenic Azerbaijan tours with Azerbaijan Travel International will help anyone see the Gem of the East that the Land of Fire is. All of the mentioned above will be even evident once you step your foot on our Shamakhi Gabala tour. Both Shamaki and Gabala are rightfully considered to be the wonders with Shamakhi’s landmarks, breathtaking nature of Gabala and the deep-rooted historical background of both regions.

Shamakhi holds a big impact and influence on Azerbaijan’s history and culture, as for th longest time historical Shamakhi was the ancient capital of Shirvanshahs state. It is a homeland to hundreds artistic people whose works are now considered an all-time classic. Shamakhi’s landmarks deserved to be discussed as well, because it is also a city where one of the most beautiful mosques in the East is situated – Juma Mosque. Here we will stop for the first time on our trip. This architectural masterpiece built in 743 can and will leave every guest stunned by not only its beauty and size, but with also the way this mosque plays a pivotal role in the region’s history, intertwined with many historical and cultural occasions. For one example, Juma Mosque in Shamakhi is the first Muslim Temple of Caucasus.

Our next stop on our Shamakhi Gabala tour is the Agsu Pass, which is a natural wonder in Azerbaijan, hidden in the embrace of dense deep forests and the rocky mountains of Akhsu and Gulchi. Located on the scenic Langyabiz ridge, it is a beautiful example of natural wonder that Azerbaijan’s views are. The curves of the road are winding around magnificent mountain slopes, lush greenery following you along the way. This scenery beneath and around you can rightfully claim its place in your mind as a core memory that will remind you fondly of Azerbaijan’s wonders. The local landscape of Agsu is only enriched with the sounds of fast flowing mountain river beneath your feet and birds’ songs being heard high up in the skies. The atmosphere of an fairytale far-away, untouched by human hands, will create one of those magical experiences one will cherish forever. But this place is important not only by its beautiful scenery. Traveling through the Agsu Pass is also a way of connecting three important cities of Azerbaijan: Baku, Shamakhi and Yevlakh. This route plays a crucial role in establishing essential transportation connections among these urban centers, amplifying its importance. Against the backdrop of this captivating landscape, every guest of Azerbaijan Travel International will have the opportunity to take a photograph and also pause their fast-paced life for a few minutes to breathe in the pure mountain air and savor the beauty of Azerbaijan's untamed nature.

Later one, we stop at the mesmerizing forest to have lunch. Goychay, the region we will spend an hour in, is full of greenery and blooming flowers, so here for some time you can just walk around the beautiful area, enjoy your time and feel at easy. Shakamhi Gabala Tour offers you a lot of opportunities, and trying out traditional food might be as important as delve into culture of Azerbaijan. So on our cultural tour in Azerbaijan we will introduce you to several delicious Azerbaijani meal. After a tasty lunch we will move to the second part of our tour, which is no less exciting. Let’s board our bus and travel to the enchanting city of Gabala.

Gabala is the sight to behold! Only entering this ancient this city, which was a capital of Caucasian Albanian centuries ago, you can see the never ending protentional it holds. Sightseeing Gabala is truly once in a lifetime experience, that will be unforgettable even through years. Once in Gabala, we travel to the Tufandag Ski Resort. It is one of the biggest and most impressive ski resorts within Azerbaijan. The opportunities there are endless, from actual skiing, to just walking around enjoying the scenery to taking in the gorgeous views of the city from the cable car. The highest point of this exciting attraction, which is also visible from the cable car, is the peak of the Sleeping Beauty Mountain (Yatmysh Gezel), located at an altitude of about two thousand meters above the level of the world ocean.

The Shamakhi Gabala tour package takes our guests to visit a colorful mountain lake. This peaceful spot can be described in one word – calming. Whether you ride a catamaran on its clear waters or walk along its wooded shore, it will lift your spirits and show you the beauty of the world. This place can bring anyone a sense of tranquility, all worries put aside as you walk along the shore, enjoy the views of mountain slopes shining beside the lakes surface and feel the clean air and gentle wind.

Finally, last but not least, are the "Seven Beauties" waterfalls, tucked away in the Great Caucasus Mountains and surrounded by thick forests. This series of seven unique waterfalls, each with its own height and slope, provides stunning views that will leave you in awe. With stairs leading to each waterfall, they flow together in a beautiful display. Located in the Vandam area near Gabala, these waterfalls are a highlight of any Gabala nature tour. Visitors can get close to the waterfalls, feeling the mist on their skin and enjoying the calm atmosphere. The "Seven Beauties" are a key attraction on the Shamakhi Gabala tour, making it a perfect stop for those who enjoy beautiful scenery and displays of untouched nature. In this tour Azerbaijan Travel International tried combining Shamakhi’s historical landmarks with Gabala’s natural beauty to create a memorable experience for every tourist that comes to Azerbaijan.

  •   Tour Category: Day Trips
  •   Minimum number of people: 1
  •   Start Time: 08:00 AM
  •   Duration: 12 hours
  •   Included: Professional English speaking guide, transfer from the hotel and back, entrance tickets to the cable car, a comfortable car with seat belts and air conditioning, lunch (a set of national dishes).
  •   Excluded: Personal expenses.
  •   Note: For guests staying in the Old Town, the collection point is in front of the Double Gates of the Old City. You can also replace meals during the tour with a vegetarian menu by prior warning. Meals or drinks not included in the menu can be ordered for an additional fee.