Uniqueness of Baku Architecture: Treasures, pollinated by time

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The atmosphere of old Baku is found literally on every street, in every block, in every courtyard and site. The architecture of this city bewitches the any person, who for the first time finds himself on its streets, breathing centuries-old history. Places here are saturated with mysterious elements of the Nikolaev’s period, sustained by rectangular strokes of the Soviet era, as well as coziness and simplicity created by local residents.

Alexander Firstov, a professional street photographer has devoted quite a lot of time and talent to capture the atmosphere of the capital. Undoubtedly, he did it very well: both Bakuvians themselves and residents of other cities and even other countries admire his works. Among the works of the master, several categories can be distinguished: the people of Baku, creativity on its streets and the architecture of the city itself.


Tours in Azerbaijan

Simple workers, children playing in the yard, couples in love – all this is reflected in Alexander’s unique projects. The photographer has a talented ability to capture the moments of the most ordinary and normal life and turn them into the most real masterpieces of art.

Baku is a city of contrasts.

Confirmation of this can often be found among the many photographs of Firstov: he quite cleverly manages to convey the connection between opposing concepts – poverty and wealth of the city, neat facades and buildings of the Soviet era destroyed by time, magnificent ceremonial houses, once famous and wealthy Baku families who lived centuries ago back and urban motives of the modern capital of Azerbaijan.

As noted above, people, creativity and architecture are the links with which a unique atmosphere and sensations from the city of Baku are created.

Tours in Azerbaijan
Tours in Azerbaijan

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