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Everything about Azerbaijan is magical, as you can tailor your personal experience exploring the "Land Of Fire" according to your specific niche of interests. Be it historical sights, culturally significant monuments or natural scenes - Azerbaijan is blessed to have all of it, however you might find yourself in a bit of a dead end with less broad interest fields, such as extreme sports or, for example, outdoor actvities. These problems don't come from the lack of options, more often than not, people just don't know where to look. But with our guide, that will cover everything you might want or need to know about outdoor activities in Azerbaijan, there's no more space for worrying.

Today, we will discuss a variety of topics, such as:

1. What sort of outdoor activities are the most popular in Azerbaijan?

2. Mud Volcanoes, waterfall, national parks, mountain peak hikings

3. Going horseback riding in Azerbaijan

4. Off-road tours

5. Q & A.

Azerbaijan is a rich country in many ways, one of which is its natural beauty and majestic landscapes. From miles of tropical deserts to mountain touching the clear-blue sky with its peaks, from still crystal-clear waters of lakes to fast rushing streams of mountain rivers, that never seem to slow down or stop their pace. Therefore, most of the outdoor activities or extreme sports that are practiced in Azerbaijan have the connection to its natural scenes. We suggest a variety of sports, such as horseback riding, all sorts of hiking and off-road tours, that can certainly increase your adrenaline level in seconds.

2. Hiking Azerbaijan with ATI

1. Mud Volcanoes

Our company is one of the most skilled in the niche of outdoor activities revolving tours, so we suggest a pool of options you can choose from. We have more than four different types of hiking tours available.

tours in Azerbaijan

Toragay Mud Volcano is located not far from the capital itself, in the dry deserts of Gobustan. It is considered to be the highest one in the entirety of Azerbaijan and one of the highest one in the world, reaching the height of over 400 meters. It also had a phase of activity from the end of 19 century to the early years of 20th, during just few decades it has erupted for more than 6 times. Nowadays, it is considered perfectly safe to take a hike there, seeing as it has not been active lately, but the thrill seekers would sill enjoy the pure appeal of getting in close proximity to something both so ancient and so dangerous to its core.

Waterfall hikings

waterfall hiking azerbaijan

We have several tours that go all around Azerbaijan, visiting different majestic waterfalls and hiking to them as well. All of them are unique in their own ways. The view of Duruja Waterfall can leave anyone breathless with the blooming flower fields, beautiful city of Gabala you’ll pass by on your way there, ancient trees lining up the road and rocky slopes of the Greater Caucasus mountains. It all makes a long road and hike worth it.

Another example is the tour that revolves around not one, but two beautiful forces of nature, that waterfalls are. In our opinion, Laza and Mujug still create a huge striking contrast in comparison to others. A magical trail to Laza, adorned with spring breaking loose, nature taking over every corner of the country – it feels almost like a scene from a fairytale as well as the ice-cold stream of water falling from the mountains before you, Laza is a gorgeous place with everything you might wish for in a getaway. After that natural wonder, we also visit the highest waterfall in Azerbaijan – Mujug, that reaches the height of over 100 meters. After such a breath-taking view, we get to see even more of the beauty of Azerbaijan’s nature.

National Park Hikings

national parks in azerbaijan

We also provide interesting tours where you can visit Azerbaijan’s national parks, that will not only create a perfect opportunity to enjoy your time out and about in the wilderness, as well as getting to learn more about the secrets these landscapes are hiding. Connecting with the world around in such a setting is a very enjoyable and fulfilling experience. From the dry deserts of Gobustan to the breath-taking landscapes of Shahdilli – discover the views and learn to see the subtle beauty of your surroundings. – discover the views and learn to see the subtle beauty of your surroundings.

Mountain Peak Hiking

mountain peak hiking in Azerbaijn

Though all of those activities, mentioned above, are indeed thrilling, but the most hard and at the same time rewarding sort of hiking must be mountain peak hiking. A lot of thrill seeker do that on their free time and, if you consider yourself one of those, we suggest you explore peaks of Azerbaijan. Shahdag might be considered the most popular and well-known mountain in Azerbaijan, hundreds of thousands of tourists visiting the mountain resort yearly but it is safe to say only a small number of those people ever think of hiking the peak itself. We, on the other hand, highly recommend trying this activity along with our professional and well-trained guides, who will not only make sure your safety but guarantee you the maximum of comfortability. Reaching the heights of over 4243 meters and towering above the whole world and skies is one of the most freeing experiences and it is also the one you’ll absolutely live through on our Shahdag Peak Hiking tour.

Our next two days long trip takes you to Zafar Peak, that also towers above other mountains in the other area, standing at more than 4300 meters, it provides the amazing views, the feeling of touching the clouds and the sense of victory and achievement. More than that, you’re set on visiting Khinalug village, that is well-known as the highest existing human settlement in the world. Our Zafar Peak Hiking tour sets high standards regarding the safety, beauty of the views as well as comfortability.

Now, to the most challenging as well as fascinating hiking routes you can participate in Azerbaijan – Bazarduzu Peak hiking. It is the highest situated peak in Azerbaijan as well, reaching more than an impressive height of 4466 meters. From the base camp (3500) you’ll be taking a long way up, along the rocky cliffs and fast streams of mountain springs. The whole experience fells like an entirely surreal one until you finally get to the top, the absolute adrenaline of overtaking the whole world so thrilling it never really goes away.

3. Horseback-riding in Azerbaijan

horseback riding in Azerbaijan

Horses throughout the centuries in Azerbaijan were not only considered to be majestic wise animals, but also for people in this country they played a role of a close friend, almost an extension of an owner. You usually would go through the hell and back with your horse, and the kind of bonds were formed between human beings and those graceful animals could not be broken by anything, even time.

Therefore, this tour will not only open your eyes to the sheer beauties of Azerbaijan’s nature but let you integrate yourself into such a pivotal detail of the culture. From visiting the Laza village and forest, along with Gabala city in a regular Horseback riding tour in Azerbaijan to exploring Khinalig village (which is the highest place in the entirety of Europe where people are living on a regular basis) and riding horses nearby the breathtaking Anzir waterfall, that will leave you stunned in Khinalig-Anzir waterfall horseback riding tour.

4. Off-road tours

offroad tours in Azerbaijan

A good off road tour can be everything you need to feel that adrenaline rush cursing through your veins. Imagine speeding along the mountain slopes, riding through the alpine fields and pristine waters of rivers. You can experience all of it with us on our off road tour, that will take you along for a visit to the hidden away high in the skies village of Khinalug, as well as introducing you to the beauty of the magnificent Anzir Waterfall. Chasing the thrill of Khinalig-Anzir waterfall off-road tour might be the best memory of already breathtaking Azerbaijan you carry home and share with your loved ones.

5. Q & A.

1) Are outdoor activities in Azerbaijan safe?

Yes, Azerbaijan has safety regulations and trained guides for extreme sports to ensure your adventure is both thrilling and secure.

2) Where are the best spots for rock climbing in Azerbaijan?

Typically, we would say both the most enjoyable and interesting would the mountains of Greater Caucasus, such as Bazarduzu, Heydar and etc.

3) How can I book outdoor activities tours in Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan Travel International offers several ways you can contact us to get more information or book a tour. Contact us today:

• +994 50 284 44 56 on whatsapp, telegram

• On our website

• On [email protected]

• Visit our office (6 Mirza Shafi Vazeh Baku, Old City, 1049, Azerbaijan)

4) What safety measures are in place for peak hiking in Azerbaijan?

We offer experienced certified mountain guides, comfortable transportation and safety briefings are provided to ensure a secure mountain hiking experience on peaks such as Shahdag.

5) What is the best time of year for extreme sports in Azerbaijan?

Spring and summer months (April to September) offer ideal weather conditions for most outdoor activities in Azerbaijan. That is not to say, that these sort tours are always available without the matter of season.

6) Are there age restrictions for participating in outdoor activities in Azerbaijan?

Age restrictions vary depending on the activity, but many tours can be enjoyed by participants of all ages with proper supervision.

7) How can I combine extreme sports with cultural experiences in Azerbaijan?

Most of our tour packages offer a blend of outdoor activities and cultural exploration, allowing you to immerse yourself in Azerbaijan's rich heritage between adrenaline-pumping adventures.

In this article we tried to gather all the useful information you might be searching for about outdoor activities. In our opinion, passing on an opportunity to discover this specific side of Azerbaijan while visiting the “Land of Fire” is a wasted potential of it being your most valuable and colorful memory of your vacation. Azerbaijan Travel International not only offers the beautiful landscapes and breathtaking experiences, but also safety and comfortability.

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