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Guba city as well as the whole region is widely known as one of the most culturally and naturally gifted districts in Azerbaijan. It has almost everything a tourist might search for in a getaway. The beautiful views paired up with historical sights are basically a recipe for a good holiday trip, but it's important to have some sort of guidance to make the best of your time in Azerbaijan. Consider yourself lucky, because we have done our best to cover the topics, that might worry a traveler as they first set foot in Guba, such as:

1. What the weather is like in Guba?

2. Historical heritage of the region.

3. 5 Best Sights to visit in Guba.

4. 3 Best fascinating natural spots in the district


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Nature Of Guba Region

1. What the weather is like in Guba?

If you're headed north from the beautiful capital towards The Greater Caucasus mountains, at one point you'll come across the Guba District. This truly magical spot is situated more than 600 meters above the sea level, nearby the hills of the Shahdag mountains. Overall, it is comfortable for travelling all around the year. It has temperate continental climate, which allows a nice enjoyable temperature at all times.

Winters are semi-warm with occasional snow days and rains. It can draw away those, who prefer big temperature drops and heavy snowfalls, but the solution is travelling a bit more towards the mountains, to the city of Gusar or the Shahdag mountain, where you can experience the true winter fairytale. The summers on the bright side are not exhaustingly hot, the temperature varying from 17°C to 25 °C.

Arguably, the best time of the year to visit Guba would be either early autumn or the gap between the mid-spring and early summer. Those months can almost guarantee you a good weather full of sunshine and blooming nature around you. Temperatures during these periods nearly drop below 20°C or go above 25°C.

2. Historical heritage of the region

Guba district has been lived in for centuries and centuries. It tracks in the historical records, that on the territory of that region was situated a big city called Khobota during the times of the Caucasian Albania, which traces it back to the century BC.When Azerbaijan started separating into dozens of small khanates, Guba also confirmed their independency, creating their own khanate, which, sadly, was overtook later on by Tsarist Russia in the beginning of 19th century. Rich in all meanings, the city was big and well taken care of. Main percentage of population were and still are azerbaijanis, lezgis and jews.

3. 5 Best Sights to see in Guba

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Chirag Gala Castle, Guba

1. Khinalug village

One of the most breath-taking, must-see spots you can come across in Azerbaijan. It not only holds a historically important meaning as a very ancient human settlement, but Khinalug is considered the highest inhabited settlement in Europe. Situated at the impressive height of 2350 meters above sea level, the village is strategically tucked away between the mountain slopes of the Greater Caucasus. Another captivating aspect of this place, besides the astonishing beauty of its landscapes, is the cultural difference of locals compared to the rest of Azerbaijan. They have their own unique set of rules, traditions, customs. The people of Khinalug have been doing the amazing job of saving their own language for more than 4 thousand years, as well as traditional crafts and folklore. (

2. Juma mosque

Juma mosque is one of the oldest constructions, that are still in use in Guba. The building of it started back in 1792, but it took over 10 years to finish it, so officially it only started functioning as a mosque in 1802. From the decorum and the look of the mosque, it is evident that the architect, a local named Gazi Ismayil was a big professional.

Sadly, as Azerbaijan joined the USSR, the religion faced a lot of pressing coming from the government, therefore in 1933 its madrasah and minaret were destroyed, but the quick thinking of the city's people is what saved the mosque itself. Knowing that the place is soon to be demolished, they started collecting bags of flour inside the building, making it some sort of a stock. Juma mosque has only restored its name after Azerbaijan gained back its independency and now, after so many years and hardships, its functioning as a mosque again.

3. Krasnaya Sloboda Village (Red Village)

Another extremely important in cultural and historical meanings village. Situated right near the main Guba city, it yet couldn't be more different. Krasnaya Sloboda is considered to be the last standing shelter for jews settlement in Azerbaijan. It is quite recognizable, even from afar by the red paint spattered all across the rooftops of the houses. The people of red village usually keep to themselves, holding on to their culture, dialect and traditions. Also, it was homeland for a lot of famous people of Azerbaijan, who were not forgetting their roots, putting in work to better the living conditions of villagers.

4. Chirag gala

Constructed in 5th century, Chirag gala is still an impressive historical monument. Its remains are in the good condition, the huge silhouette of it towering above the lush greenery of Guba Forest. Situated on the huge mountain rock, it started off as a lookout point, basically unreachable and unbeatable. In translation, "chirag" means lamp, which explains the story behind the fortress perfectly, as the country's army's soldiers were warning each other by lightning torches, if the enemy comes close to the castle.

5. Gudialchay Bridge

One of the seven bridges built on the territory of Guba district back in 17 to 19th centuries, but also is considered the last one surviving. The bridge has taken its name from the river, that it helps cross - Gudial. Built in 1894, at the time it was the longest bridge of those existing, reaching the length of 275 meters. As of now, it is the last and only arch bridge in Azerbaijan, so it is under the protection of the country as an architectural monument. Still, the Gudialchay bridge is open for people to walk, significantly easing the trip from the national Nizami Park to the village of Krasnaya Sloboda we discussed earlier.

4. 3 Best fascinating natural spots in the district

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Gechresh Forest, Guba

1. Afurja waterfall

Afurja waterfall is the highest waterfall on the territory of Azerbaijan. It reaches over 70 meters height, coming down from the mountain Tenge’s slops. Its rapid current and beautiful landscapes around it seem to draw in tourists from every corner of the world at any given time. And it makes a lot of sense with the fascinating natural beauty this place carries. The road lies through no less mesmerizing Tengalty Canyon, that opens up the amazing views to the Greater Caucasus’ Mountain peaks.

2. Gechresh forest and Gudialchay gorge

Two beautiful natural spots, that really showcase the whole beauty this region possesses. Guba is really popular for beautiful lush forests covering the territory of those lands and a Gechresh forest is one of those evident examples. The greenery following you close every step you take. Thick enough to form a natural tunnel above the main road. The fresh air, the ice cold river running between the old trees and the ancient mountains peaking out in the horizon.

No less beautiful is the scenery unfolding before your eyes when you reach gudialchay gorge. The breathtaking beauty of the place going hand in hand with the calmness and safety this place seems to create for everyone who drives or walks through it makes the place even more magical, than possible. The river, running through the gorge fits perfectly into the landscapes, as if adding new depth to the view.

3. The Chenlibel lake

A picture-perfect mesmerizing place, that over the years also became quite popular among tourists. With its crystal clear water, beautiful landscapes and a great overview to the forests surrounding the lake and the sun setting below the horizon level, it becomes a great place to face a nice calm evening with a cup of delicious tea in hand.

In this article we tried to cover mostly everything you need to know before visiting or considering the visit to the gorgeous region of Guba. Overall, Guba district might be a perfect destination point for everyone. But its true, that even experienced travelers might face a variety of difficulties on their way while searching for the ways to explore new countries with a completely different language, set of traditions and culture, in general. We realize, how overwhelming even the best of experiences can be and we have a perfect solution for that.

Azerbaijan Travel International is a company, that specializes in organizing tours all around the “Land Of Fire”. Our main goal is creating unforgettable memories for our guests along with providing them with the best possible conditions to make even the longest and hardest trips feel pleasant and fun. Tours like Guba-Khinalug let you explore everything we talked about in this article and so much more on your own conditions. Choose us and fall in love with this country and its beautiful districts as much as we did!

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