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Baku is full of wonders, the contrasts following you each step you take. Ancient architectural monuments standing side by side with the most modern and progressive buildings made by a human hand create a specific aura about this magical capital of no less magical country. upon landing on those lands, it is crucial to know which places play a pivotal role in the creation and upholding of culture and significance to be able to fully enjoy the experience this country offers to its every guest. One of the spots that are immediately sorted into a must-go category is, without any doubts, the Government Building and today we are on a mission to cover everything you might be interested in knowing before paying it a visit.

From practical information about it to  history of its creation, the purpose it serves and served through the years and the general description – in this article, we will try to cover as much as possible.

1. Description and general purpose

The Government Building is one of the perfect examples of combining the modern tendencies with the culturally impactful symbols, gently and professionally woven into the project. Truthfully, this massive building is a sight to behold. While standing next to it and being able to pay attention to the details, you really start looking into the details, the classy, elegant style  of construction carefully mixed with the “Eastern” motives – rounded grand arches of its façade, framed with no less pompous columns and turrets, that are facing the clear skies above the city. It is also possible to see traces of Italian Baroque in the architecture of the building.

The inspiration for that sort of breathtaking decorum was taken from the Shirvanshah’s palace, which really adds to the overall charm of the place. Even though, it clearly tried to achieve the aesthetic of those beautiful historical monuments, that in some ways define our culture, it still carries a sense of officiality like any other administrative building. Nowadays it functions to its full capability, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Agriculture, State Committee on Geology and Mineral Resources, State Committee on Hydrometeorology, State Committee on Material Resources, State Committee on Economics for Improvement of Land and Water Resources working on every day basis in between those walls.

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2. History Of The Government Building

Its construction started almost a century ago. In 1934, Azerbaijan’s government, at that time still a part of USSR, suggested various famous architects to partake in a private and important contest for the best construction design of the government building, that was supposed to be a “crown of the seaside”. One of the contestants, a popular all around USSR architect Lev Rudnev, won the competition and was pronounced the official construction process manager.

His project intrigued people with the scales on which Rudnev went in order to create something unique and beautiful. As he himself put it, “mixed styles that were used create a full composition, neither it is just a building, nor it is a monument. It is something memorable that combines both words, creating something organic and fitting the beauty of Azerbaijan’s coastline.” In general, the location for the construction of the Government House was not chosen by chance: it created an integral ensemble of the city and Seaside Boulevard. Until this moment, the city did not have any kind of “ceremonial” sea facade.

The building process only started in 1936, but was quickly cut off by the war starting. Due to that, the whole construction could only be considered finished in the early 1950s. The Government Building is considered one of the only and best examples of soviet era architectural monuments, that skillfully combined the architectural side of the construction and its “sculptural” side, which means, respectively, the purpose of the building and its cultural impact.

3. Practical Information

The Government building is situated on the street of Uzeyir Hadjibeyli, 80, the closest to “Sahil” and “28 May” underground stations.

Government Building In Baku

Overall, the Government House is a pretty important spot to visit if you’re a visit. Not only a beautiful sight to see and enjoy, but also a building with the cultural and historical meaning behind its creation as well. Baku is, for all its worth, truly a city of wonders, gleaming and twinkling with thousands of lights every evening, once the sun sinks down. Taking it all in at once can be a very pleasant but nonetheless tiresome job. In our opinion, travelling, especially to such unique location as Azerbaijan, shouldn’t be a bother and inconvenience.

Azerbaijan Travel International suggests taking the weight of responsibilities off your shoulders for the entirety of your vacation. We will help you along the way to create the holiday of your dreams. We have the variety of Baku tours, that can satisfy any field of interest you have, including the piece of architectural art that was discussed today.

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