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We stand by an opinion, that any country's main treasure is no other than their people. Those, who were raised within the culture, that was built and taken care of by the generations prior to them. Through the lenses of one's nationality, their identity and their mindset you can notice the traces of their country's culture. Yes, it is pretty obvious, that the personal experience can not be ignored, but it's acceptable to acknowledge the similarities the people with the same background seem to share. In that sense, we have already done a break down on azerbaijani men and their traits, that make them differ from the rest of the world, but today we will be delighted to talk about azerbaijani women, the free-spirited, kind-hearted treasures of azerbaijani nature.

Azerbaijani women share the same enchanting and strong personality. Most of the time, they are not violent or aggressive in any way, preferring a quiet life hood over anything else, but when threatened, they can become just as vicious as any man can be. For them, there's nothing more important than their family and they view it as their duty to protect it with their life, if necessary. Women somehow combine the most incompatible things together, being the wonderful divine human beings they are. They are patient and kind to those, who deserved it. They're respectful of elders, they're kind towards kids and those in need.

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But, just like any man, whose roots come from the mountain peaks, an azerbaijani woman is capable of being ruthless and courageous enough to go against the rest of the world, if she believes in the cause she's defending. They're hundreds of examples in history of Azerbaijan, where young azerbaijani women have been standing at the defending of their country just as strongly and proudly as any man did. They are brave and full of life, whole-heartedly devoted to the topics of justice and respect. They won't except being played, being lied to or disrespected.

They believe in equality and having a freedom of speech, though a little hot-tempered. They stand by their opinion, no matter what, and they value honesty, even if its brutal and tough to hear or process. Azerbaijani women are smart, even if their wisdom doesn’t lay on the surface most of the time, they’re strategic and calculating, subconsciously deciding what is better for their loved ones.

At the same time, they are gentle and loving. Taking care of everyone, sometimes not even asking for anything back. They are full of love for the everyone and the world surrounding them. They will look after you when you’re sick and cheer for you when you achieve a goal. Taking your victory as their own, they are devoid of jealousy and spite.

Another thing about Azerbaijani women is the intensity of their love. They’re willing to lay their head down for their husband, relatives and, most importantly, their kids. They are putting their children’s well being and happiness above anything else. They love and protect their kids fiercely, teaching daughters to never let anyone walk over them, having a pride and protect themselves and teaching sons that they always need to be respectable towards girls, never let down anyone they love. They might criticize their kids, but they’re doing it without a bite to their words, solely with the intention of making their life easier and better in the future.

Azerbaijani women are gorgeous. They’re capable of doing anything they like, they are purposeful and stoic. They are the fundament to any household, as they glue everyone together. They are bringing peace to any corner they are visiting. They’re mother’s loving caress, they’re the flower fields blooming in march, they’re the gentle breeze from the seaside at the same time as they’re storm raging outside.

Of course, with all of it said and done, it is pretty clear that they were raised by those standards the culture set. If you might be interested in learning about the culture, that raised the generations of such strong and stoic people, you can take a look at our tours section, more specifically Gobustan-Absheron tour, which will uncover the secrets about history and culture of the Land of Fire.


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