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Azerbaijan is busting with energy and life, with its magnificent views, a magnetic atmosphere, and a deep-rooted culture. No wonder it has become increasingly popular among tourists. Its cultural significence only gets more and more clear day by day, swiftly the country itself and most of all, the capital is progressing and changing, taking a special place in the hearts of visitors and locals alike. And, as much as it is clear how much more advanced the country has become in other areas of entertaiment, nighttime activities have traditionally lagged behind for various reasons, including cultural mindsets and religious considerations. But nowadays the changes has been happening rapidly, the bars and night clubs taking over the reigns as the sun dips below the horizon and the country starts glistening with muffled lights and loud music. Bars in Baku has taken a very special spot in entertaiment industry right now, appearing to be a place for friendly gatherings and delicious drinks.

This article will take you through the list of the places, loved by everyone. From local gathering point of the youth, secrets gems hidden away to the places that have some sort of uniqness to it, from the memorable atmosphere to pleasant music, live perfomance or tasteful menu options. That is your guide list in case you want to truly experience the world of good azerbaijani wine, beautiful interior and the infectious joy of Azerbaijani people at play.

1. KEFLI Local Wine & Snacks

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Kefli is one of the most popular places where you can try out good wine and have a pleasant time in Azerbaijan. It holds a special spot in the hearts of the locals and touristsalike, seemingly for the same reason: the outstanding quality and undeniable charm of this cozy space that transports you to a warm and inviting atmosphere. The quiet music floating in the air suggests a truly joyful atmosphere for intimate conversations filled with genuine laughter.. Another point to consider is the wide range of wine choices Kefli offers its guests, from local favorites to international gems. Rest assured, the quality of their wine is always top-notch.

2. The Phoenix Pub

Live music and good food, accompanied by tasty beverages, might be all you need to really relax into the Azerbaijani atmosphere. And The Phoenix pub is right here to fulfill your wishes. Its small but artsy space is covered with different posters, and the sitting area is decorated with bottles of wine, candleholders, and comfortable pillows. The magical atmosphere is fueled by excellent upcoming bands and artists who perform their covers of world-famous songs on a small stage right in front of you. This place is also sure to grant you a good time with the drinks you choose, as they're all made by a skilled hand and have a great taste. Visiting this place is perfect if you want to get your mind off things and just enjoy the beauty of music.

3. ROOM Fine Art Wine & Dine

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Room is another classic for locals. It's widely known and loved mainly for its friendly staff, cozy atmosphere, and all-in-all good quality of food and wine. It's also considered an art space with different kinds of art events regularly taking place within its walls. A great place to spend time with friends and enjoy the night to its fullest, Room is a gathering place for younger generations. You can clearly see it in the way the bar showcases itself: it's an open space full of light and warm colors integrated into the interior.

4. Biblioteka Baku

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Main quality, differentiating it from other bars in Baku, is the library-like interior brimming with books. Every corner of Biblioteka exudes a charming uniqueness, whether it's a wall adorned with spiritual quotes or mathematical axioms. Stacks of books reach from floor to ceiling and line the walls, creating an intimate atmosphere bathed in dim light. Friendly staff and a delightful ambiance ensure a memorable experience, while crafted cocktails and flavorful dishes tantalize the palate.


5. Hashtag Bar

Hashtag is truly a place of gathering for the whole youth of Azeraijan, stepping inside is like entering another world, a kaleidoscope of neon lights creating an underground, the other wordly experience with loud music and a dance floor. The affordable price and rich food choices drive people in, leaving them enchanted with that unique experience. The bar is hidden away from most people, a gem, something beyond the ordinary among other places that can certainly fit to your liking if you take enjoyment in this sort of atmosphere. Definitely worth a visit if you ever wonder how to entertain yourself on a evening in Baku.

Baku's nightlife, much like the city itself, is a captivating blend of ancient and modern, East and West. It's a kaleidoscope of experiences, from the pulsating energy of underground nightclubs to the soulful melodies of traditional meyhanas. In Azerbaijan, it's safe to say that in every other thing people see art. And this sort of entertainment is no different, people take a great pleasure in trying out new places or drinks, savouring these moment. If you're travelling to Azerbaijan and feel the desire to try out our night-time life and see its brightness for yourself, Azerbaijan Travel International suggests you our exclusive Baku Pub Crawling Tour.

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