Bazaars in Baku (Most Popular Food Markets of Baku)

What comes first to our mind hearing the word Azerbaijan? Obviously, this is the sun, warm and pleasant weather, the sea breeze of the blue Caspian sea, endless forests and mountains, and of course, the abundance of fruits, vegetables, berries and many other gifts of nature, with which this fabulous land was awarded. There are many bazaars in Baku where you can buy literally everything for the home (and not only): the most popular bazaars are Taza-Bazar, Yashil-Bazar and Passage.

What can be purchased in these markets? Which of the following markets is for your flavor? Going to the bazaar, you are most likely compiling a list of necessary and desired products beforehand. However, we assure you that, having come to the Azerbaijani bazaar, your eyes will be diverted from the variety of products provided at the exhibition tables and you will definitely forget about the planned list of products.

Lankaran sour lemons, Guba ruddy apples, Ganja fragrant greens, Shamkir succulent tomatoes, Goychay ruby ​​pomegranates, Gabala tart nuts, Jalilabad aromatic watermelons and melons – wealth of different regions of Azerbaijan is brought to bazaars every day.

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“Taza” means “new”. New Bazaar abounds with dried fruits, fresh vegetables and fruits, various kinds of nuts and berries. You can also buy a lot of pickles, jams, sweets, sour desserts and much more.

Market address: Baku, Samad Vurgun St.

How to get from the center of Baku (Old city):

1)Take the bus number 18 from the bus stop Icherisheher and get off at the bus stop City Clinical Hospital No. 4, then walk (about 10 minutes) go straight along Samad Vurgun street until you see the red sign of the Təzə Bazar bazaar.

2) From the stop “Garden Nizami” take the bus number 65 and get off at the stop “Nizami”, then walk (about 15 minutes), reaching the end of Alibey Huseynzadeh street, turn right, soon you will see the bazaar itself.

By metro: from Icherisheher station, go to 28 May station, get off the metro, take the bus No. 88a  and get off at the Baku State Circus stop. Walking about 250 meters (4 minutes), you will find yourself at the market.


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The word “yashil” of Turkic origin, means “green.” Green Bazaar is the most diverse market in all of Baku. Here is everything, saffron, caviar, cheese, rice, meat, fish, in a word, everything that the country is rich in! Go through the shelves, try everything that you know well and that which you have not tried yet: discover the amazing tastes of Azerbaijan!

Market address: Baku, Khatai Ave.

How to get from the center of Baku (Old city):

From the “Azneft Square” stop, take the bus number 5 and get off at the “Tafakkur” stop. Then, walk along Firdovsi Mammadov Street for about 5 minutes, until you see the inscription Yaşıl Bazar Market.

By metro: from the Icherisheher station, go to 28 May station, after exiting the metro, walk about 10 minutes, 900 meters along Khatai Avenue, until you reach the market.

The Bazaar is a whole culture of behavior, it has its own rules of decency and even traditions: everyone knows that the market must be bargained! Not a single purchase is complete without this.

Speaking of traditions, it should be noted that the guest is an honorable person in the East. This phenomenon is directly comes from Islam: the guest is respected, he is treated like a loved one, they are allocated the best room in the house, presented with souvenirs, treated with the best dishes, taken care of and cherished. The same is in the market! Do not be surprised if they will treat you, as it may seem to you, too respectfully: you should not find a trick in this.

Very often, generous bazaar sellers give guests what they sell themselves: a seller of greens, most times women, will give you a bunch of fragrant and fragrant greens carefully collected the day before; who sells different types of berries will put you more than you want, and he will embarrassingly refuse to pay the offer.

During the purchase, they will talk with you on a variety of topics. During this conversation, an invisible connection is created between the trader and the guest: many tourists note that after discussing personal problems or other serious topics, it feels like they were visiting a psychologist’s cabinet rather than a bazaar, and sometimes the advice given by simple and welcoming traders can be an invaluable answer for solving various difficulties in life …

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