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The history of the city of Gabala dates back to the beginning of our era. In the first century, Gabala city was founded here, serving as the capital of the ancient state of Caucasian Albania. It endured the Albanian era, spanning one and a half thousand years, until it was destroyed during the military campaigns of the Safavid kings five hundred years ago.

In 1973, the village located on the site of the ancient Azerbaijani trade and cultural center was granted "City" status. However, its peak development occurred in recent years. For several years, Gabala city has transformed into a pearl of the northwest of Azerbaijan.

The city boasts several slopes for amateur skiers, along with one of the most challenging professional ski slopes in the world, establishing its reputation as a sought-after ski resort of international importance. Gabala's sporting significance is further highlighted by the presence of a modern shooting club.

The annual international music festival elevated the city to the status of the second cultural capital of Azerbaijan. Moreover, in 2013, Gabala was declared the cultural capital of the Commonwealth of Independent States by the CIS Interstate Fund for Humanitarian Cooperation.

Due to its eventful history, tranquil natural surroundings, and sports facilities, Gabala has become a favorite vacation spot for both Azerbaijanis and visitors to the country.

A Tour to Gabala: An Unforgettable Adventure

A tour to the city of Gabala, located in the northwest of the country, offers a chance to witness the diversity of nature and history in Azerbaijan. The journey from Baku to Gabala takes you through various cities and regions, transitioning from East Azerbaijan to West. The change in climatic zones and landscapes is striking, with high rocky mountains, dense forests, mountain rivers, and lakes. This tour promises an adventure filled with unforgettable impressions.

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