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Scientific and technological progress that has led the world to its modern technological state is entirely dependent on the oil industry. There would not be all that convenient, quick – that which surrounds us if there would be no oil. There wouldn’t be cars, planes, trains, lights in our houses, etc., etc. … There would be no power plants, in the end, because of which it all works and serves us. How did it all start? From the first oil rig in the world. And it was installed in Baku city in 1846. Then the first oil boom began here and it led the world to modern technologies, without which we can’t imagine our life. So the capital of Azerbaijan can rightfully be called one of the world oil capitals.

The Absheron Peninsula, on which Baku is located, was noticed more than two thousand years ago by fire-worshipers. There were many places where naked tongues of natural flame burst directly from the earth. On the largest – in the suburbs of Baku called Surahani there is a temple of fire worshipers Ateshgah. The largest in the Middle East, it was a place of pilgrimage for Zoroastrians and Hindus – those who considered fire a beginning less and endless force that rules the world. On its territory there was also a caravanserai, one of the many in Baku. The reason that there were so many caravanserais here was the fact that several roads of the Great Silk Road intersected on Absheron. Since then, one of the main features of Azerbaijanis is that it is an entrepreneurial people.

Travel to Azerbaijan

Summer tours in Baku are ideal for lovers of seaside holidays. There are many sandy beaches with hotels and resort villages on the coast, which is blown by the gentle wind. One of the most iconic festivals of popular music “Jara” is held annually in one of them, in Sea Breeze resort.

In addition, Baku is one of the confectionery centers of Azerbaijan. The legendary Baku baklava is an exquisite delicacy that compares favorably with its delicate taste from traditional Arabic or Turkish types of baklava.

The hospitality of Baku people is manifested in the service of hotels, restaurants, museums and all the places that guests of the city have chosen. Excursions in Baku organized by Azerbaijan Travel International tour operator is the best opportunity to experience it. First of all, thanks to the hospitality and benevolence of Azerbaijanis, the flow of tourists to the country over the past few years has increased tenfold.

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