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Azerbaijan is the country that suffered through a lot of difficulties and obstacles to get to the point it is in today. It lived through so many ups as well as downs, that it has a long list of people who put their own finger into creating the independent beautiful country we have right now. Not only people who laid their heads down, bravely fighting for the land, but also those who helped it get rebuilt every time. Who has been with it though the best and the worst, showing a true patriotism that can be known to a man. National heroes are here to be cherished and remembered for all the good they've done for the sake of their country.

Azerbaijani people are somehow famous for doing everything with their heart set on it, so loving and cherishing their national heroes has become a huge part of the culture within the country. They do it just as fiercely and purely as everything else.

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While talking about people who left their footnote on a tapestry of Azerbaijani history and culture, we can not ignore those, who created an environment freeing and accepting enough for other Azerbaijanis to accept and take a pride in their nationality. One of those titles rightfully belong to Muhammed Fizuli, a person who dedicated his whole life to poetry and the beauty of words.

He was not only famous for his sharp words that cut straight to the core of one’s soul, but also for being the first ever Azerbaijani poet who decided to take a step forward and started writing in his native azerbaijani language, popularizing it instead of using much more common “poetry” languages such as farsi or arabian. He was not very liked by khan’s palace and lived a life modestly but memorably, creating a safe space overtaking a system. He has a huge list of great accomplishments, but another most notable one must be “Leyli and Mejnun” poem, in which he tells a story about two young lovers who fight for their right to love. In their crave for each other, they put the traditions that has been present for centuries behind them, defending the freedom of one’s identity.

All in all, discovering Fizuli’s life work no one can’t overlook the sheer importance this man carries for the whole Azerbaijani community. His memory will always stay alive, importance of his actions etched into the history of Azerbaijani poetry.

Another example of a literary figure who helped build the culture we have today is a famous poetess Khurshudbanu Natavan, born and raised in Shuha. Coming from a wealthy family, she still acknowledged her privilege, not only writing about normal people’s struggles and pains but also prided herself in creating a better environment for people of her beloved hometown, funding the creating of a big public garden as well as the installment of a water supply system at her own expense, which was popularly called “Khan gizi bulagi” by locals, and built beautiful houses all around the district.

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She was also playing an integral role as a cultural figure, starting a series of literature meeting with one of the most popular poets taking part in them. There they discussed the importance of the eastern poetics and what problems appeared to be troubling people the most, as well as reading their own poems and touching some philosophical themes in their conversations. Her impact on the whole scene of Azerbaijan for that time was and still is immaculate. The heroes like her who helped with their power of edification shall never be forgotten.

One of the most important events in nowadays history of Azerbaijan is the creation of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in 1918. This republic was the first flame of the independence we see today. And one of the driving forces behind the creation of it was Mammad Emin Rasulzade, who began to head the Azerbaijan National Council and helped in creating a free and fair country for everyone who lived there. Mammad Emin Rasulzade served the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in various capacities, holding office in parliament and actively contributing to the nation's development.

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After the capture of Azerbaijan by Bolshevik troops in April 1920, he managed to hide for some time in the high-mountainous Lahich, but on August 17, in the town of Garamaryam near Goychay, he was arrested and brought to Baku. His life is a telling story of strength and resilience, of fighting for what you think is right. In his own words, “A banner once raised will never fall.” and he was right, it took time but Azerbaijan became the independent free country once again.

Azerbaijan moves into the future confidently now and everyone who puts their impact on the country’s future are heroes in their own way. These are the scientists pushing the boundaries of knowledge, the entrepreneurs fueling economic growth, and the artists enriching the nation's cultural landscape. They are the doctors battling pandemics, the teachers shaping young minds. In essence, the story of Azerbaijan's heroes is not a closed chapter, but an ongoing saga. It is a testament to the human spirit's ability to overcome adversity, rise above differences, and build a brighter future.

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