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The Magic is in the air! With the new year galloping towards us, people of Azerbaijan and those who are visiting the beautiful land of fire are stuck with not knowing where to go first and what places to pay a visit to. But put the worries aside because we are here to help you build up your new year’s atmosphere and create a perfect holiday that will be remembered by years and years to come. New 2024 in Azerbaijan promises to be full of marvels and surprises that will leave you wonderstruck.

Baku, even on ordinary days, appears to be a city of lights. When the evening settles, every window lights up, bathing the streets in warm sparks, but in the mere days before the New Year arrives, the capital gains a new allure. All dressed in greens, reds, and whites, it is truly glowing. A variety of trade fairs of all kinds are held during the New Year season, from places where you can buy fresh organic fruits and vegetables from the regions to magical places for taking pictures with a holiday-themed coffee in hand. Today we are going to talk about them all!

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First and foremost, comes the largest trade fair held every year on Torqavaya street. It is also considered the most popular, and the reason is pretty obvious once you visit it yourself. It has everything, from small coffee stalls to souvenir shops where you can buy gifts for your loved ones. Places when you can try out the variety of food from traditional to the world's beloved options. Every small stall is decorated with deep care and love for this magical holiday, offering everyone a glimpse into the chilhood fairytale. Even its name translates as "Cold hands, warm hearts". The whole atmosphere with fairy lights hanging low above the heads, the delicious scents following you everywhere you go and people's faces with smiles plastered all over them makes even the most grumpy person appreciate a holiday spirit a little bit more.

Boulevard trade fair has a huge advantage that differs this specific trade fair from others. Located right along the seaside, it not only has more space to wander through but also clear crispy air. But the biggest beaty of this place is in the perfomance that is annually held on the 31th of December. Boulevard also is considered to be the best place to watch midnight fireworks. All in all, this trade fair has every advantage others have while also having its own specific spark that creates atmosphere so beautifull and breath-taking, it singlehandedly makes the celebration of 2024 in Azerbaijan worth it.

The next fair we highly recommend visiting is the one located near Port Baku, also held every year it is glistening with light and warm, even on coldest days it brings joy to everyone who visits it. Elegantly decorated, above other things it also appears to be a perfect place for taking holiday-oriented pictures with a cup of coffee or traditional glintwine. In case you want to wish to go late shopping, Port Baku trade fair is a one place to be. Port Baku itself holds a variety of shops of all kinds, from clothes to shoes and accessories.

Now let's fastforward to the perfomances that will increase your New Year celebration experience. But most importantly, it will brighten up the mode for those, who tend to enjoy the holidays the most - kids of all ages. For them those kind of perfomances are an equivalent to diving into actual fairytale where all wonders are possible and all wishes you make when the clock hits midnight will certainly come to life.

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The first event we request on seeing is the perfomance that will be held on 2,4 and 5th of January by Academic Russian Drama Theater. Its name is "The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish" which is traditional russian fairytale that is very popular in the Post Soviet Union countries. Admitedly, it's in the russian language but we can assure you, that you or your kids won't need the words to understand the charm and meaning of this story, given the proffessional acting skills of the actors.

On 3rd of January Azerbaijan State Academic Russian Drama Theater brightens up the mood by organising the "New Year's celebration of Santa Claus and his friends" that will tell you about the journey of Santa Claus, advantures awaiting him and his friend throughtout the play. It is a perfect show to attend with your family and children who will absolutely love the light easy humor and overall pleasant friendly atmosphere of perfomance

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And, of course, circus! Truly the unforgetable experience that will create new cherished memories for you and your loved ones. Indulge in the magical perfomance called "New Year's Adventures In The Circus" that will show you the wonders from magicians to acrobats and fire-plays, encouraging the visitors to partake in the activities. Guaranteeing every person in the room pleasant and affordable experience, it appears to be a perfect way to spend your holiday.

In addition, we can whole-heartedly confirm, that Baku, as the very heart of Azerbaijan, has so many wonders to uncover and discover. It's the city of fire and winds, the lights and starry nights, sunrises mirroring in the waters of Caspian Sea and sunsets splashing its reds, oranges and purples as paintbrush strokes on every surface it can reach. It will make you fall in love with it more and more every second you spend there. Especially during the holiday season, it achieves another level of inviting and homely. If you want to learn more about the magic of this city, discover ins and outs with its legends, deep-rooted history and authentic culture, you can check out various tours Azerbaijan Travel International offers, such as Baku Night Tour, Daytime Baku Tour and also a tour around the Old City.



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