Spray Art in Baku

Every nation possesses a unique cultural tapestry, woven from threads of music, dance, architecture, and, of course, art. While art often finds its home within the pages of books and the hallowed halls of museums, it also manifests in simpler forms, capturing the beat of a nation's soul and heart. Street art, with its paint strokes and captivating imagery, stands as a testament to this truth. We can certainly say that spray-art in Baku is truly no different showing the country's true colours through the eyes of normal people living a normal life within the cities.

As you wander through the streets of Azerbaijan, you can find yourself deeply immersing in the realms of every-day life and graffiti really helps to fully understand the culture unfolding before your eyes. The city walls transform into open-air galleries. These artistic expressions, born from the hands of ordinary people, offer a glimpse into the heart of Azerbaijan, revealing the true colors of its urban soul.

While street art has been gaining popularity worldwide since the 1960s, spray art in Bakun emerged as a distinct art form in the early 21st century, rapidly spreading throughout the capital city. At first the interest of everyone towards graffiti community was growing so rapidly that the few existing spray art enthusiastics were constantly invited to interviews where they were making clear that what they're doing is not the product of vandalism but a form of self-expression, reflecting not only their own inner world but also the soul of their country.

It is true that every form of street art must be in one way or another the "mirror" to country's citizens cause usually the pictures we see on streets are made by people who spent all or most of their life immersed in the culture but there's a certain charm in how thin is the border between Azerbaijani spray-art and the very core of azerbaijani people. The country's spray art is characterized by its vibrant colors, lively energy, and celebration of cultural elements every person is familiar with from the very moment they were born into this world.

Spray art in Baku is closely connected to the country's rich culture. Artists take ideas from old designs, famous people, and stories, mixing them with new ideas to create modern art. This mix respects the country's history and also tells its cultural story in a way that people today can understand.

One interesting thing about Azerbaijani spray art is that it uses symbols from a long time ago that are very important to the culture. For example, you can see paintings of the buta, in a shape that distinctly resembles a teardrop and that holds a meaning of fire tracing back to Azerbaijan's Zoroastrian past. There are also bright pictures of pomegranates on city walls, showing the history of farming and growth in the region.

These paintings turn the city walls into big outdoor art galleries. They help tell the story of Azerbaijan's culture through pictures. The art is like a mirror reflecting the spirit of the country, connecting the past and the present.


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