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As Baku Fashion Week kicks off its first session at the Baku Congress Centre, it's an opportune moment to delve into the fascinating evolution of the sense of style of Azerbaijani people, a journey that seamlessly interweaves the rich tapestry of tradition with the dynamism of contemporary trends. Azerbaijani clothing, serving as a conduit for expressing the nation's cultural legacy, societal conventions, and artistic expressions, has played a significant role from ancient eras to the present day.

While Azerbaijan has been engaged in textile production since ancient times, with its craftsmanship gaining admiration beyond its borders, the true impetus for its sartorial journey gained momentum during the early Middle Ages. As far back as the 9th century BC, the Assyrian ruler Ashurnasirpal received woolen garments and colored wool fabric as part of the tax tribute from the Zamya province in Manna. During this period, linen and wool stood as the primary weaving materials, eventually giving way to the prominence of cotton and silk in later eras.

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Herodotus, often hailed as the "father of history" and a prominent figure from the 5th century BC, made noteworthy observations about Azerbaijani textiles. He specifically highlighted the production of high-quality fabrics in the region, noting the use of tree leaves for natural dyeing processes and emphasizing the durability of these embellishments. Throughout ancient times, Azerbaijani clothing was crafted from a variety of materials, including the wool of goats, camels, sheep, and lambs.

Between the 14th and 16th centuries, the Azerbaijani sartorial landscape underwent profound transformations. The delineation between everyday attire and ceremonial garments, including those worn for weddings, dinners, holidays, and mourning, became more distinct. Notably, ceremonial clothing witnessed a surge in significance, marked by intricate details in style, color, decoration, and a diverse array of patterns. The evolution of Azerbaijani fashion during this era is vividly captured in miniature paintings that offer glimpses into the diverse clothing styles of individuals across various social strata.

Beyond the realm of fashion, this period also witnessed the ascension of Turkic-Islamic culture to a higher developmental stage. Artistic expressions saw the emergence of abstraction and the establishment of intricate systems of geometrical ornamentation. These cultural shifts not only influenced the aesthetics of clothing but also left an indelible mark on the broader artistic landscape, showcasing the dynamic interplay between societal developments and creative expressions in Azerbaijan.

Presently, the evolution of style in Azerbaijan is characterized by a rapid fusion of the vibrant and captivating patterns reminiscent of the East's historical affinity for bold colors, and the refined strokes of modernism and classicism prevalent in the West. This contemporary shift in fashion reflects a notable departure from the past while embracing a more comfortable and personally fulfilling approach to style. The current Azerbaijani street style landscape is diverse, with individuals often opting for a classy and seemingly effortless look, despite investing considerable effort into curating their outfits.

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On ordinary days, Azerbaijani fashion enthusiasts exhibit a penchant for a sophisticated yet relaxed appearance. However, during special occasions, a desire to make a lasting impression is evident, as individuals adorn themselves in their finest attire, whether traditional or contemporary, aiming to captivate attention.

Interestingly, some individuals prefer to seamlessly blend both Eastern and Western influences, incorporating bright patterns into their daily wardrobe, thereby reviving Azerbaijan's rich fashion history. Whether strolling along Fountain Square or the Baku boulevard, the Azerbaijani populace displays a diverse range of styles that, despite their drastic differences, contribute to a harmonious tapestry of fashion expressions. This juxtaposition of varied styles reflects not only personal preferences but also a collective celebration of diversity within the fashion landscape.

The ongoing Baku Fashion Week, taking place on the 17th, 18th, and 19th of November, serves as a captivating showcase of the dual nature inherent in Azerbaijani fashion culture, essentially redefining the sartorial landscape of Baku. Organized by MadePoint and Stock, the shows adeptly capture the essence of this generation's love for fashion, seamlessly bridging the gap between traditional patterns and a strikingly modern and innovative aesthetic.

These presentations at Baku Fashion Week signal a revitalizing breath of fresh air for the fashion industry in Azerbaijan. The event reflects the industry's dynamic growth and rapid transformation, aligning itself with contemporary fashion trends from the West. The infusion of traditional elements into a fresh, modern context has garnered considerable attention, suggesting a promising evolution in Azerbaijani fashion.

As spectators eagerly await the unfolding of each show, there is palpable excitement about the potential trajectory of this new direction in Azerbaijani fashion. The question of what lies ahead and the anticipation of the industry's next steps create an atmosphere of curiosity and enthusiasm, underscoring the impact that Baku Fashion Week is likely to have on the future of fashion in Azerbaijan.

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