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Azerbaijan's history had moments that are considered tragic and devastating, but just like life moves along, sun keeps rising and justice takes over any injustice. In the darkest moments of Azerbaijan's history, the republic lost more than 20 percent of its territory and the lives of thousands civilians. These next years were filled with grief over those who were taken too early but when the 2020 rolled out Azerbaijan won the Second Karabakh War after 30 years, returning the land that once belonged to our ancestors for centuries and centuries. The president, Ilham Aliev then came to the conclusion that it's important for the nation to have a memorial and a reminder of those who were killed for the greater cause. To always remember and cherish their bravery, therefore the War Trophy Park was launched in April 12, 2021.

It contains more that 300 exhibits that had had the importance in the war zone, starting with the automotive equipment, mortars, small arms and much more.

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The Park itself came out to look quite unusual, there are barely any green like trees or grass but it's full of metal. Most of the items there are the defeated equipment and different types of weapons such as T-72 tanks, lightly armored МТ-ЛБ tractors, “Оса” and “Куб” anti-aircraft missile systems, fragments of a missile of the “Искандер-М” operational-tactical complex. In addition, park benches are hammered together from captured boxes containing shells, and lighting elements are cast from re-melted shells.

A part of the War Trophy Park showcases the sheer force of enemy's defence system such as bunkers, firing points, trenches, tunnels, warehouses, barracks. These items show all the strengh Azerbaijan put into returning its homeland. A testament to the ingenuity and resilience of Azerbaijani forces, the park captures the essence of the 10 lines of fortifications that challenged their progress during the war. Replicated with meticulous detail, these fortifications – featuring a 5-meter anti-tank trench, minefields, anti-tank poles, metal hedgehogs, and barbed wire barriers – represent one of the many engineering systems overcome by Azerbaijani units in their liberation of Fuzuli, Jabrayil, Agdam, Terter, and Goranboy.


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The most captivating element of the park is undoubtedly the monumental wall constructed from license plates of abandoned enemy military vehicles. This imposing structure bears the inscription "Karabakh is Azerbaijan!" President Aliyev, upon his first visit to the park, remarked that this wall stands as a stark contrast to the enemy's previous attempt at propaganda. While their sign utilized license plates from civilian cars, abandoned in fear, this wall only showcases plates belonging to vehicles directly involved in the war. It serves as a powerful evidence to the bravery and unwavering devotion of Azerbaijani soldiers to their homeland.

A visit to the War Trophy Park is not merely a historical exploration, but an emotional journey. It offers a stark reminder of the sacrifices made and the resilience displayed during a turbulent period in Azerbaijani history. The park serves as a powerful symbol of Azerbaijan's unwavering spirit and its unwavering commitment to defending its rightful territory. More than just a collection of war artifacts, it is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the enduring power of hope.


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