Sheki, Azerbaijan: from the Scythians to the present days

Sheki, Azerbaijan: from the Scythians to the present days

Sheki Azerbaijan

Sheki city – is one of the ancient cities of Azerbaijan. Sakasena, Sakiya, Sake, Sheki is a transformation of one name dating back to the times before our era. The tribes of nomadic Scythians were called Sakas. Some of them settled in the central and north-western parts of the modern territory of Azerbaijan in the VII century BC. Their state of Ishkuza was founded here, one of the significant cities of which was the city of Sakasena, later called Sheki.

The city located on the Asian slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountain has always been a strategically and economically advantageous settlement. The intersecting trade routes caused the fact that although the population of the city consisted of different peoples at different times, the city was not destroyed, but preserved.  The Scythian Kingdom, the ancient State of the Caucasian Albanians, the Persian Empire, Sassanid Empire, the Islamic Caliphate, the Safavid State, the Shirvan State, the independent Sheki Khanate, the Russian Empire, the USSR and the Republic of Azerbaijan – these state entities controlled the city, each at its own time. The legacy left by different peoples has made Sheki diverse in its culture, which has retained its features to this day.

Sheki was destroyed one day. The terrible flood of the Kish River, on the banks of which the city was located, literally washed it away. It was in the Late Middle Ages. The surviving residents moved to the neighboring town of Nukha, located in the immediate vicinity, thereby doubling its population. For a long time, the name “Sheki” was used only orally, but during the USSR in the 70s, the city of Nukha was officially renamed.

Sheki is famous with:

Azerbaijani silk: Sheki can be called its capital. The best textiles from this noble material have always been produced in these parts. This was the case before, and this tradition continues today.

Sheki is known as the center of confectionery art. Sheki Baklava, Pishmaniya, Baamiye are some of the most popular, one might even say legendary sweets of Azerbaijan, distinguished by their authentic taste.

Another niche of culinary skill is forever occupied by a recipe from these places. Piti is a dish unlike any other in all the diversity of international cousine. A dish that is not only prepared according to a special recipe, but also eaten according to special rules.

A special attraction of Sheki is its people. Possessing a unique emotional accent, the Sheki people have always been distinguished by a cheerful disposition and a sense of humor… And also, hard work, which made them capable students of many arts, sciences and crafts.

Sheki AzerbaijanNow Sheki city is one of the most important cities in Azerbaijan. It is also in demand by tourists – because of the natural beauty and rich history that has left its legacy in the monuments of the city and the Sheki district. The main architectural attractions of Sheki are the historical quarters of “Yukhary Bash” with the fortress and the Palace of the Sheki Khans, as well as the nearby archetypal Caucasian village of Kish, famous for its ancient Caucasian Albanian temple.

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