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Myths and legends are playing crucial roles in every possible culture, resembling the nature of nation's soul, its deepest fears and most desired longings. Usually, legends are fundamental for understanding the country better, working as an eye-opener for those visiting the land. Even though, in Azerbaijan we cherish and take delicate care of words passed down to us from previous generations, in our culture we also have so many legends left outside of spotlight, only known to aqsakkals (oldest members of a community, usually recognized as the people who you can go to for an advice or wisdom) in the villages, who wisely choose who to pass this knowledge to. Therefore, a lot of azerbaijani legends are hidden and tucked away from prying eyes, whereas many others are known to the public. Some of them even have become the traditional symbols of the country, that potray the nation's values, such as The Legends surrounding Maiden Tower, "Tears of Lovers" and The legend about the Grave of Unknown Soldier.

The legend we will be talking about revolves around the moon and the sun. Azerbaijanis from ancient times were convinced in the magical meaning they carry, so the legend about long lost lovers were born from it. It tells us a story about a girl and a boy, who grew up together, as close as it is possible. Even as kids, they were inseparable but as their adulthood started getting closer, the war begin to rage outside their small village high up in the mountains.

azerbaijani legends

The boy who grew up into a young courageous man, was holding back but wanting with his very soul to fight for his country. The fear to leave his big family and the girl he was in love with behind alone was forcing him to stay in their village. The girl who on the other hand wanted to end the sufferings of her lover, kneeled down in front of him placing her most treasured belonging on his lap. It was her family's heirloom: beautifully sewed black kerchief with blue and golden patterns woven in it. She hung her head low to hide away her tears, and even though the girl was clearly heartbroken, her voice was firm when she proclaimed:

"In the name of our love, I promise to always look after your family, to support your every decision though no matter how far away we are from each other. I promise you my heart and soul, my protection and my love, my tears and my smiles too if you can promise me to return to me as a hero I believe you are. No matter what you do, you'll return to me because one way or another we will always be the different sides of one coin. Neither war, nor death can separate us from one another"

He promised her to come back then, before leaving to fight in a war. Days moved forward, the girl going against the villages beliefs by living in the boy's house without the marriage for what she was endlessly shamed but was still standing with her head held up high, helping the mother who was driven with grief and sadness and taking care of the boy's little sisters. It was until one day, the village was shook with news of the boy being killed on the field. Even though he was proclaimed a hero, the girl’s heart was shattered.

In one moment, the girl's entire world crumbled in pieces but having a soul of a warrior, she didn't let herself be driven to madness by pain. She continued living her life, only showing kindness to every person who happened to stumble upon her way. Until one day she quietly left the village without taking any of her belongings with her. The story is unclear then, most people say that on her way she met one of the gods who understood the sufferings the poor girl went through, suggesting to put them both on a night and day sky in exchange for her earthly life. The god explained to her, that they won't be able to ever fully reconnect but the girl was adamant to feel her lover's presence again.

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The next night the sky was brightened up with a crescent moon and days filled with bright rays of sunshine peeking through the clouds. The lovers were reunited, and as the tale goes, their love remained the same as it was on the earth; pure and everlasting. The sun who was born to help others and the moon who is here to fuel the sun and give it the strength for great bearings it has to carry.

Its legends origins are coming from one of the many villages, that are situated among the rocky mountains in Qusar district. This beautiful story opens up the beauty of loving and losing, the charm of being able to live past the blood and bruise, but loving someone so purely that it is rewarded in the end. This is just a small piece of all the folklore that Quba region carries and, in case you’re interested in listened to more legends and myths, Azerbaijan Travel International suggests you a Guba-Shahdag Tour.

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