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Azerbaijani men. He is Azerbaijani. Morning greets him already awake before dark. When it’s light, you have to work, when it gets dark, it’s time to rest: this credo is appropriate for any average Azerbaijani man at the unconscious level. His upbringing is based on patriarchal foundations. The main thing is family and loved ones. Their interests are first of all, because their interests are his interests, they are his entourage, he is the sultan of his little people, he is responsible for them, he is the elder. To meet these interests, you need to earn a lot of money.

He is cunning and diplomatic, but he appreciates honest partners and is honest with such to the end. He considers transparent business relations to be a manifestation of friendship, mutual respect and trust, and he earns his bread not to the detriment, but thanks to them. The more he earned, the better conditions he created for his people, the more respect he received from them and from other men who call him “Muəllim” (“Teacher”) and take an example from him.

He avoids the escalation of conflicts, but accepts them as inevitable, since he is far from illusions. His goals are to turn the conflict into contact and make the opponent his ally. He is an entrepreneur, he understands that the success of his enterprises depends on expanding the circle of personal respectable connections.

He does not like to fight and fight. But he is not afraid of a fight, he is always ready to fight back against the enemy, protecting himself and his people. But he firmly believes that most mutual disagreements can be resolved with the help of persuasion gift, which he inherited from his ancestors. Or, in extreme cases, with the help of money. But if the enemy does not want peace and understands only the language of brute force, chemical processes occur in his head, which are called “Beyin çönmə”. And this means that he has “gone crazy” and he will go to the enemy to the end. But, he is open to reconciliation, because behind his severe frowning appearance, his big heart, sensitive to poetry, to the beautiful, ready for love, is hidden.

He is intelligent, polite, but far from false modesty. If he is asked for advice, he gives it from the bottom of his heart, but without belittling his interlocutor’s sense of self-importance: he tells him “Öyredmek olmasın!” (“It will be said not to teach you!”). He does not stick out his authority, realizing that it is already visible from the outside. His gaze is always straight, and he holds himself proudly and evenly.

He loves women. Loves and respects. He appreciates female beauty and is ready to melt away from it, but in interpersonal relationships he gives priority to decency. He was brought up on the firm realization that a woman is, first of all, a mother. And it is the mother who first of all depends on how her child will grow up, because the father is busy with business from morning to evening.

His diet includes a lot of greens, so testosterone is raging in him. In his language there are as many as three translations of the word “love” and each has its own meaning, its own essence, its own place. He thinks tenderly about his wife.

If he is really in love, he attracts her to him in all ways, he is even able to repel a woman from another, but he will not even indicate with a glance his fleeting sympathy for the woman of another worthy person.

He wakes up before dark and thinks about ways that will lead his family to better levels of well-being. He is ready for today’s meeting with the world – he is neat, energetic, determined and positive. He’s strong. He must be strong, because his people depend on him. He is the patriarch. He is Azerbaijani.

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