Ceyranbatan Lake Legend

Ceyranbatan lake is not only a beautiful place with its own unique ecosystem but also, we need to recognize that this lake plays a crucial role in Azerbaijani drinking water supply system. Situated 26 kilometers away from Baku, near the small city called Sumqayit. It was just a lake at first but in 1955 it was transformed into the reservoir to increase the volume of drinking water supply. From azerbaijani it translates as "the place where the gazelle drowned" and our following legend will explore the meaning behind its name.

Centuries ago, not far from the lake, at this point unnamed, and the river that feeds it there was a settled down Azerbaijani tribe, who were making a peaceful living for themselves alongside other residents of the area. One day the shores of the river got occupied by the large barbarian army who forbid anyone from using it, capturing those who were brave or stupid enough to come close to it. The legend then goes to tell us, how cruel and unhuman were the deaths of those who tried despite the threats.

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The tribe were in the desperation, slowly running of their water supply. The elders have tried to make a peace offering but nothing was enough for bloodthirsty commanders of those army as they set a rule - for every day of using the clean waters of the river the tribe is to give them one person for a sacrifice. These people were either to be killed as a serving for their deity or trained harshly and without any kindness to become one of the army's slaves.

It angered everyone in the tribe, but elders argued it is the only way they can grant themselves a bit of the time to think. One of the tribe's best warriors Sum was outraged at that, suggesting that they should just gather men and women who wish to fight and face the barbarians but even he couldn't get past the elder's word. So, they lived in a great fear every day, that their name is going to be called next and one day the tragic happened in Sum's family.

The love of his life, his wife Ceyran's name was called. Ceyran was the whole tribe's sweetheart, kind-hearted and soft-spoken she still had a fiery soul, bravery best of men wish to have and real wisdom. So the whole settlement was furious, Sum most of them all. When she insisted of going and he knew that changing her mind in this case is beyond possible, so heartbroken Sum made sure she fell asleep before quietly leaving their house.

ceyranbatan lake legend

When she woke up, she realized with sinking clarity what her husband has done and Ceyran ran out the house, calling out her lover’s name: "Sum, qayit! Sum, qayit!" ('Sum, come back!' from azerbaijani language). Reaching the river, Ceyran realized that the tribe's men with Sum's guidance crushed their enemy and at first was thrilled but coming closer she saw the body of her husband laying lifelessly on the hard ground. Many hours were spent with her holding on Sum's body, crying and repeating "Sum, qayit" under her breath.

In the morning, when the sun slowly started coming out of its hiding, Ceyran wrapped her tears away and gently laid her husband back on the ground. Standing up, she purposefully went straight to the lake and stepped into the clear water, walking until the water closed off above her head. Legend goes to say, that Ceyran was never seen again. The history of these two loving hearts sacrificing everything for each other is alive and well, passed down around the country from elders to children for generations. To honor their memory, the lake was called Ceyranbatan and the city later on build nearby was called Sumqayit.

As we move towards the Quba city, we pass the Ceyranbatan Water Resevoir, therefore you have the chance to witness the same exact place where this famous azerbaijani legend took its origins. But, rest assured, this history will be just a tiny bit of the information you'll be granted with if you chose Azerbaijan Travel International to accompany you to learn about azerbaijan's rich culture on Guba-Shahdag Tour or Guba-Khinaliq Tour.

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