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The features that distinguish Azerbaijan nature from the nature of other countries make the country truly unique. If a tourist wants to visit a country where in a small area it is possible to experience the natural diversity from the desert to the snow-capped mountain peaks, from the salt steppe to the alpine meadows, then Azerbaijan is the right choice.

The planet, in addition to its poles, is divided into eleven climatic zones. In a small area of the country of 89,000 square kilometers, nine are observed. We don’t have only tundra and semi-tundra.

Baku is located on the Absheron Peninsula, which is a semi-desert with salt lakes scattered across it. In one of them, Lake Masazyr, the concentration of iodized salt is so high that the lake turns purple in the rays of the sun, and food salt is mined on its shores.


If you drive from this semi-desert to the northwest, then after half an hour of average car speed, the semi-desert is replaced by the Gobustan desert. A hundred kilometers of majestic rocky hills and steep ravines without a single tree represents a harsh masculine beauty that brings meditativeness into a person’s consciousness.

One hour in the desert – and only the observer begins to get used to it, as the landscape changes again. The vineyards and gardens of Shamakhi are replacing the mountains yellow with withered grass. Rivers begin. The road turns green, comes to life, as if it originates from a long sigh after a breath held in respect for the majesty of the desert. This sigh is long and at its peak it freezes with delight, because the landscape is changing again. It changes radically when

, having reached the Mugan Pass, the Shamakhi gardens are replaced by a departure from eastern Azerbaijan to the archetypal mountain landscape of the North Caucasus. And to think that some hour ago an observer beheld a bare desert! The change of species, in parallel with the change of the climatic zone, psychedelically affects consciousness, changing emotions, mood and direction of thought.

Tours in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is not just a country of the Caucasus, Azerbaijan is a symbol of the Caucasus, because the country is located on two Caucasian mountain ranges at once – the Big Caucasus and the Small Caucasus. The Big Caucasus divides the country into two parts of the world – Asia and Europe, as it is a natural geo-physical boundary between the European and Asian tectonic plates. The Small Caucasus is the mountains of Nakhchivan, Karabakh. And in the south of Azerbaijan, the Talysh mountains of the Small Caucasus are buried in the greenery of tropical and subtropical forests. Pink flamingos come here for the winter, and parrots chirp in the trees instead of sparrows.

In the European part of Azerbaijan, you can find yourself in a climatic zone indistinguishable from the Alpine Mountains. There is only one such place in the country and it is the highest located settlement of the republic – the Khynalyg village.

In fact, anyone who has visited Azerbaijan has seen the nature of half the world and the tour operator Azerbaijan Travel International lovingly introduces it to the guests of our country.

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