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Azerbaijan, a country pulsating with life and color, has always been proud of the wide range of holidays that are being celebrated all over the country. Azerbaijanis love nothing more than being able to gather their family and friends around to cherish not only for the festivities themselves but also for the sense of unity and joy they bring. But there's no denying the fact that a number of holidays has proudly taken the first place in the hearts of thousands and millions of people. Among national holidays, like Novruz bayrami New Years stands as one of the only exceptions. For decades, it has been a cherished tradition, and with each passing year, its roots grow deeper within the nation's spirit. The celebrations are not just confined to homes; they spill onto streets and squares, transforming Azerbaijan into a land of joy, shared smiles with strangers, steaming tea in plastic cups and fairy lights.

Even though there are a lot of things about New Years that can be talked about for hours, in today's article we will specifically discuss the holiday celebration in Azerbaijan and the traditions regarding it that Azerbaijan carries from year to year with great care and love. Today, with the 2024 rolling in our direction and the whole Baku buzzing with excitement, anticipation fills the country’s air.

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The magic of New Year's in Azerbaijan unfolds long before the clock strikes midnight, with people starting to plan gifts for their beloveds and shops changing their decorum according to the matter. The air starts growing frosty and crisp, when you can see you breath in the mornings, it feels like a silent testament to the approaching winter. Lively music, often featuring holiday gems, spills from shops and cafes, filling the air with Christmas tunes. Coffee houses entice passersby with steaming hot cups of seasonal drinks.

For those people who might not be feeling the upcoming New Years presence as strong, Baku is always awake with excitement as the year draws to a close, and its vibrant spirit explodes in the city's bustling New Year's fairs, the biggest ones taking place at "Torqovaya” street and at the Baku Boulevard. The rows of charming small booth shops that sell anything you might wish for, from the sweets, traditional and seasonal, to food and drinks, with souvenir shops suggesting the gift ideas for any age and taste. The atmosphere of fairs are truly magical; fairy lights hanging low above people's heads and delicious smells coming from every corner.

A lot of families has taken up on a tradition of going to one of those fairs at least one time with the children and adults all being reunited, but some truly prefer to spend this magical day at home in the company of their loved ones and tasty delicious food. They sit down all together to watch maybe a little overplayed but classic Christmas and new year’s related movies, to talk about life, catch up and create a new beginnings to start in New Years. The regrets and sorrows are being discussed and forgotten; the resolutions full of hope being made.

Then everyone gathers around for a countdown on the TV, counting together on top of the lungs just to bring everyone in the collective hug at the end. This really creates a sense of unity that not only makes the families grow closer but bring the whole nation together too.

new years in azerbaijan

There are some people though that prefer the outdoors as a way to celebrate this holiday, they spend the evening outside walking among the decorum and meet the New Years as the clock strikes midnight at the Baku Boulevard where the countdown usually takes place on a big radio tower. There might be hundreds and thousands of people who all watch together as the old year is being replaced with the new one. After this experience, that is breathtaking on its own, the biggest fireworks explode in the air, creating a beautiful image in the night sky.

There's another way to celebrate New Years in Azerbaijan that might not outshine the ones discussed before but stands in the same line as them.

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Our northern countryside might be one of the most beautiful and magical places in the country, especially during a winter break. Snow lands heavily on top of everything, covering the ground with its fuzzy blanket, making everything look pure, renewed and innocent. So, spending New Years there is the definition of a true holiday spirit and some specific areas as Shahdag Mountain Resort offer not only all-in-all magical experience but also a way to try out something you never put to the test before, such as hiking or snowboarding. There's beauty in learning something unusual right at the edge of the new year coming closer and closer.

If you're interested in seeing Baku's vibrant holiday atmosphere or discovering the snow-peaked landscapes of countryside, you can try our Baku Night Tour or Shahdag-Quba Tour.



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