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Appearing in an unfamiliar city, the main thing is to get to know it as close as possible from the beginning. Indeed, knowledge is the basis for the rational use of one’s time and resources. Knowledge is power, no matter how trite it may sound. Becoming a client of Azerbaijan Travel Internasional, the tourist receives from our guides not only general information about history, culture and nature, he/she receives instructions on the applied features of real, today’s Azerbaijan. Including the prices of goods and services.

When the guest knows all details, the main psychological barrier of the “stranger/alien” is erased and the guest starts navigating in another country without a stress and pressure. We sincerely wish everyone who has chosen tours to Azerbaijan to be free and relaxed and want to introduce the reader the prices in Baku.


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It all starts with the landing at the airport. And from there to the center of the city is about 30 km. Of course, the privilege goes to the taxi which approximately costs 25 manats. And within the central part of the city, prices vary around 10-15 manat. However, if you use the services of web-taxi, phone services or services via mobile applications (Uber Azerbaijan, Econom Taxi, Bolt), then the price is already lower in twice.


Transportation in general

Traveling in Baku is usually carried out by bus and metro. A single “Baku-Card” card system operates here. You buy a plastic card for 1,2 dollars and separately load the balance – 18 cents Azerbaijani coins for each usage in a subway or bus, in the central part of the city.



You can live in Baku, as elsewhere, in hotels, rented apartments and hostels. Prices in hostels are about 9 dollars per person per day. With hotels and apartments, the price range starts from 20 dollars per night in the most budget-hotels.


Mobile connection

The choice of local mobile communication in Azerbaijan is very simple. The country has three mobile operators. The prices are approximately the same: 3 dollars for the number of a new SIM card for your smart-phone, + 6 dollars on the balance and you are provided with Internet and phone calls for a whole week.


Azerbaijan Travel


People love and know how to eat in Baku. Typically, the food is delicious, portions are large. Eating tasty and taking into account food safety can be done both in small budget cafes, where you will be charged 3-5 dollars per person, and in restaurants where prices rise to the five-star format.

National fast food is represented by shawarma (it is also called Danyar), which costs from 1 to 5 dollars and traditional Azerbaijani kutabs. Kutab is a cake made of the finest dough with meat or vegetable filling. The price for one starts at 30 cents.

You can drink tea in an inconspicuous teahouse in the city, where you will pay 1,2 dollars for tea with lemon and sugar, as well as in respectable tea houses. In them, a tea set costs about 9 dollars. And in these tea rooms you can treat yourself to a real oriental hookah, which costs from 9 to 20 dollars.

Americano coffee in Baku costs from 1,2 to 4 dollars, depending on the elitism of the institution.


The cost of entering the Baku funicular is 60 cents. The price of visiting the State Botanical Garden is 60 cents. The cost of a tour of the Baku bay on a pleasure boat is 6 dollars.


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