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Azerbaijan has been a very popular tourist spot for past few decades. Every year the number of people, wishing to visit the Land of Fire increases, which creates perfect opportunities for us to talk more about different attractions, that are very important to better understand the depth of Azerbaijan’s culture. Even in the capital, Baku, there are dozens of various places that might interest a tourist. Heydar Aliyev Centre, the Baku Boulevard, The Upland Park and so on. Today, our topic of discussion will be the latter.

The Upland Park wasn’t originally planned to look like this in the beginning. The first construction of the park has started nearly a century ago, in 1935 when Azerbaijan still has been a part of USSR. Before that, the territory was preoccupied with the graves of British soldier that has died in 1918, but after the project of the park was accepted and confirmed, the gravestones were moved to a different place. The architect who was originally behind those ideas is Lev Ilyin, who skillfully used pretty complicated landscapes, may we say, of these lands to his favor, turning the empty spot into mindfully placed viewing platforms and terraces. While in USSR, the park carried the name of Sergey Kirov,who was the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan. It has been pretty popular around citizens back then too, with different carousels built for kids there as well as cafes, restaraunts and terraces for adults.

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The new chapter for this place starts once the USSR ceases to exist. The goverment changes its name to “the Upland Park”, as we know it today. Then, in the beginning of the 90s the tragedy takes place, stealing away lives of hundreds of azerbaijani people. To honor them, Azerbaijan creates here the Alley of Martyrs, where more than a hundred people were buried. Later on, there was also built a memorial with eternal flame burning inside of it. All the attractions were taken out of the Upland Park, in order to pay respect to those souls who passed away as martyrs. All in all, it’s pretty much a general rule not to make too much noise in the park, which adds up to the peaceful and other-worldly experience you feel as you reach the park.

On the opposite side of the Alley of Martyrs, there is a mosque that carries the name of “Mosque of Mortyrs” or Turkish mosque, it was built at the end of 20th centure and despite its size, which doesn’t appear big, it is a very important and beautiful showcase of Azerbaijani architecture. It has two minarets, which are decorated with islamic crescents.

Now going further inside the Upland Park, we are faced with a lot of open space areas which are connected by hundreds of steps and small alleys, where you can sit in peace and enjoy the atmosphere as much as the views. In general, the majority of the park appears to be a calming presense among the other busy, otherwise loud streets of the capital. The place is overflowing with flowers and greenery in general, which also brings the sense of secuarity. A lot of young couples walk along those bushes and fountains, sit in these alleys enjoying each other’s company and the atmosphere around them.

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And, finally, the last destination of the Upland Park, as well as, arguably, the most popular – the main observation deck, which opens up a magnificent view to the entirety of Baku’s coast and the big part of the city. At the nights and evenings, the landscapes are the prettiest with lights shinning from every building’s windows, the Flame Towers standing magnificently, imitating the burning flames, the busy cars driving through the roads right beneath you and people, no less busy, walking along the shore of Baku Boulevard. The sight of it can take anyone’s breath away, watching other’s lives like this, from the outsider’s perspective, can be a good “reality check” of some sorts.

It is obvious, that the beauty of Upland Park can not be fully discovered by words or pictures until you’ve seen it for yourself. This magical place is not only a good observation point, but a call out for honor and respect, the territory tightly tangled with historical significance and cultural meaning. And for that it’s not only loved and appreciated by tourists, who are passing through these streets and alleys for the first time, but by locals as well. Magnificent views, decorations and greenery following you each step you take only add up to the atmosphere, making this a must-see spot for visitors.

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