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Travel to Azerbaijan: Heydar Aliyev Internatinal Airport

Travel to Azerbaijan opens with arrival at H. Aliyev International Airport, Baku. Direct flights link global destinations, making access seamless. Explore iconic cities like Ganja, Nakhchivan, Gabala, Zagatala, and Lankaran from various airports across the country There are plenty of direct flights from and to the countries of any part of the world, moreover from all major cities of Europe, Asia, Persian Gulf Countries, Israel can fly directly. However, coming to Azerbaijan, we can start a tour from his other iconic destinations. Such major cities of Azerbaijan as, Ganja, Nakhchivan, Gabala, Zagatala and Lankaran have an airports.

The etymology of a word “Azerbaijan” is still disputable between historians,linguists and ethnographists. One of the versions goes deep into the history , the time when the prophets were roaming from one land to another. According to it, the name of a country comes from the Prophet Abraham’s father’s name. The Bible does not tell us about this name, but in The Holy Book of Islam – Koran this name is mentioned as “Azar”.

The concept is that Azar (Azər) is an endemic name for our country, and noone  in the world except azerbaijanis name his/her sons so. In this case the name of the country can be translated as “Land of Azarbey”. Hence,  it is possible that the father of The Prophet Abraham was ruling these lands, and his homeland, regardless to the traditional predictions, was not Mesopotamia, but the territory of modern Azerbaijan. However, an official version of the etymology of our country’s name is related to the word “Atropatena”. Atropatena – was a country which situated on these lands since 3rd century BC  to Middle centuries. At the same time, The name of a country was given relatively its ruler and establisher – Atropat. The History of Azerbaijan goes deep into the ancient times. Such historical monuments as, Icherisheher (Old- city of Baku),  The National Park of Gobustan, where the  petroglyphs and tracks of ancient inhabitants were left behind give tourists an opportunity to fly through the history of Caucasus and Middle East.

Travel to Azerbaijan: Nature of Azerbaijan

The Nature of Azerbaijan is a different story. From the very north of our country the web of the mountains of Grand Caucasus runs across the republic, which through the Absheron Peninsula enters the Caspian Sea. At the same time, the diagonal of the Caucasian mountains is a real , geographical border between European and Asian tectonic plates, consequently between Europe and Asia. First of all, our country is a real Eurasia . Secondly, hence,  nine climatic zones are observed in Azerbaijan out of eleven in the whole world. It is unique natural phenomenon in world. Desert and semi-desert, tropics and sub-tropics, alpine meadows are located on a small territory (Area of Azerbaijan is – 86,5 thousand sq. km).

It worth noting our country as southern and marine. The sandy beaches of the Absheron peninsula and the resort area of  ​​Nabran in the north of the country are  of the best vacation spots for lovers of hot summers, the pleasant sea and wonderful sea breezes. The choice of the south-west of the Caspian Sea makes the tour to Azerbaijan an excellent example of a summer resort holiday.

These natural values will turn a journey in Azerbaijan into a kind of walking over planet’s landscapes.


Travel to Azerbaijan: Nature of Azerbaijan

If you are a gourmet, you are on a right way! The variety of meat, fish cuisine, dishes from poultry and wild birds, delicious culinary combinations of vegetables (which attracts vegetarians and vegans here) promises the visitors not only an exciting tour, but also delicious. The culinary capital of Azerbaijan  is considered the city of  Lankaran, located in the south of the country. The whole palette of natural colors, the history of which goes back to the Stone Age, rich traditions, hospitable people … you can meet with all of  this by choosing tours in Azerbaijan together with one of the leading tour operators of the country –  Azerbaijan Travel International. You can check us on TripAdvisor to see reviews from our guests from all around the World.


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