Guba-Khinalig Tour

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Guba-Khinalig Tour
Guba-Khinalig Tour Guba-Khinalig Tour Guba-Khinalig Tour Guba-Khinalig Tour Guba-Khinalig Tour Guba-Khinalig Tour Guba-Khinalig Tour Guba-Khinalig Tour

The Guba-Khinalyg tour is a journey through the European part of Azerbaijan. Along the Caspian Sea along the Samur-Divichinsky lowland there is a road that takes tourists by semi-express to the mountains of the North Caucasus.

A trip to the highest mountainous settlement of Azerbaijan, the village of Khinalyg, is a journey through the expanse of the steppe, more often than the forest, a steep gorge and endless alpine meadows.

The tour operator Azerbaijan Travel International offers tourists one of the most interesting day trips in their life. For twelve hours, the excursion trip captures the attention of travelers with delight, not letting go of this feeling for a moment. On the contrary, it, like Ravel’s Bolero, incessantly delights incrementally and with every dozen kilometers, when it seems that the most interesting thing before your eyes, reveals something more majestic.


Located about 50 miles away from the beautiful Baku, Candy Cane Mountains are offering unique landscapes, that would not be able to leave anyone unimpressed or bored of the surroundings. The truly astonishing views of the mountain slopes, seemingly painted in the bright sunset colors, are opening before your eyes as we take on the road to Guba. Oranges mixed with reds and whites create a clear resemblance to the sweet candies which played the main role in the name this gorgeous place has. For some those mountains are also recognizable by the names of Colored Mountains, Agate Mountains and Rainbow Mountains.

No less magical is the road winding in between those mountains, for several kilometers taking you on a journey to fairytale or some sort of picturesque wonderland. Here, you can not only enjoy the views but take pictures that will forever be a reminder to you about this mystifying beautiful place. This experience will leave a great positive impression on everyone, even on a sophisticated traveler.

In the morning, the guests are met by a representative of our company and getting to know each other, everyone goes to the center of Baku. This fascinating start of the tour takes place against the background of a narrative telling about the city sights outside the window of the tour bus. Crossing the whole city, a group of tourists leaves it and finds themselves in geo-physical Europe at the northern exit from the Absheron Peninsula.
A hundred kilometers from Baku, in an area inhabited by Azerbaijanis-Dagly – one of the few European Persian tribes, stands the sacred mountain Beshbarmag (az. Five Fingers). The mountain has a cult significance for Azerbaijanis, as according to legend it is associated with the name of a Quranic character named Khadir.
Near it, bus with guests stops for a rest. Contemplation of the majestic mountain chain of the Great North Caucasian Ridge takes place in a public parking lot with a cult mosque, numerous cafes, shops and other essentials. Parking here has existed since ancient times, since the days of caravan routes. This place has always been and remains a place of pilgrimage for many people who believe that the divine grace of Beshbarmag is able to fulfill desires.

If you would like to learn more about this magical place and different legends surrounding it, you can read more in our Beshbarmag Mountain: Azerbaijan's Hidden Gem blog post.

After an hour of driving along the European slope of the North Caucasian foothills, the guests find themselves in the capital of the Guba district, one of the most significant cities of Azerbaijan. The city has a rich history, one of the aspects of which is the settlement existing on its territory, inhabited for several hundred years in a row by mountain Jews, who are otherwise referred to as Mizrahi Jews.
The quarters of this village are interesting for their architecture. Our bus rides along them to the old bridge of the XXI century, spanning the Gudialchai River - perhaps the best angle for photos and videos for memory. Then he stops near the historical temple, the synagogue of the mountain Jews. After that, the guests will have lunch.

The restaurant, where guests are waiting for covered tables, is located at the entrance to one of the most beautiful forests of Azerbaijan. Here you will be treated to dishes and traditional snacks of Azerbaijani cuisine with Lezgian bread. And after the obligatory tea party, the road continues.

A road in a dense forest. The crowns of the trees converge above it, forming a natural tunnel. A dozen kilometers along this path, where mountains, forest and a bubbling river form a single whole, will leave an unforgettable impression. A mandatory stop will allow you to enjoy the intoxicating forest air.

Perhaps the most beautiful place in Azerbaijan and the most ancient in the geophysical sense of the word is the gorge through which the Gudialchai River flows. A special feature of the Guba-Khinalyg tour, which is conducted by Azerbaijan Travel International, is a half-hour walk between steep majestic rocks on the asphalt of the road along a furious mountain river. A place that does not leave any negativity of the past in a person, reinstalling his consciousness, inspiring nature in all its splendor.

The culmination of the tour. The road winding between the imposing mountains of the Greater Caucasus leads to the highest settlement of Azerbaijan. The height is 2500 meters above the level of the world ocean. The climatic zone of Alpine meadows. A unique nation that speaks a language unlike any other in the world. The Caucasian village of Khynalyg with steep ascents of streets laid between houses made of river boulders is an antiquity that is about 4000 years old. And the legend associated with its foundation is a real cultural shock for the guests of our country.
After a tour of this beautiful village, the tour group is on its way home. She will be in Baku late in the evening and will never forget her adventure.

  •   Tour Category: Day Trips
  •   Minimum number of people: 1
  •   Start Time: 09:00 AM
  •   Duration: 12 hours
  •   Included: Professional English speaking guide, transfer from the hotel and back to the hotel, lunch during the tour, comfortable car with seat belts and air conditioning.
  •   Excluded: Personal expenses.
  •   Note: For guests staying in the Old Town, the collection point is in front of the Double Gates of the Old City. You can also replace meals during the tour with a vegetarian menu by prior warning. Meals or drinks not included in the menu can be ordered for an additional fee.