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Restaurants in Baku is one of the main topics of interest to the guests of our city.  Anyone who wants to visit all the restaurants in Baku is faced with the question of how much time it will take. Answer: for years, since a feast is a favorite holiday of Baku residents, and we have a lot of restaurants.

The following list of those that the staff of the tour operator Azerbaijan Travel International distinguishes from the rest will help you choose your “own” restaurant in Baku.

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Shirvashah restaurant and Museum. The restaurant in Baku, already known to guests of the city from different countries – is of course “Shirvashah restaurant and Museum”. The place is particularly distinguished by the fact that it is not only a catering establishment, but also at the same time, a museum. The interior of the Shirvanshah restaurant is decorated with historical objects of national art. The cuisine is national, and the cuisine is at its height, and the solemn dish of Shah-Pilaf is prepared best here.

Firuza Restaurant. One of the main characters of Azerbaijan national cuisine – Dolma (stuffed vegetables or grape leaves) is the crown dish in the restaurant “Firuza” on the Fountain Square. The place is most in demand during lunch breaks.

Salam Zirvesi Restaurant. Kabab and hot meat dishes like beef stew is the decoration of the restaurant table, where the most sophisticated gourmets from meat lovers rest. The restaurant “Salam Zirvesi” is crowded after work until midnight.

Sheki Restaurant. In the north-west of Azerbaijan, among the mountains of the Big Caucasus, there is the city of Sheki, whose cuisine is very original. The traditional Sheki soup-Piti stew made of meat and chickpeas can also be tasted in the capital. Restaurant “Sheki” in Baku is famous both piti and unique Sheki sweets for tea after a rich meal.


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strong>Darya Fish House .Sturgeon in Baku, as in the Caspian city, occupies a special place in the culinary tradition. On the southern outskirts of the city on the Caspian coast in the restaurant “Derya” you can taste sturgeon kebab, all kinds of dishes from this noble fish and from other fish varieties.

Levengi Restaurant. One of the authentic Azerbaijani dishes is Lavangi. This is a thick paste of sweet and sour fruit paste mixed with onions and ground walnuts. This paste is stuffed with chicken or fish kutum, which are placed in the oven for forty-five minutes, after which they are immediately eaten. The name of the restaurant Levengi speaks for itself.


The Old Garden Restaurant. Walking around the Old Town is always so fascinating that guests sometimes do not notice that hours have passed, and they have worked up a wolfish appetite. The Old Garden is one of the most visited restaurants in Baku located close to the Maiden Tower presents all Azerbaijani cuisine with Tandir bread, which is baked in traditional ovens in the restaurant.

Madrid Restaurant. Lovers of European cuisine will be fed at the best European level in the “Madrid” restaurant. It should be noted that, like other restaurants and cafes in the city center, the restaurant is more than in demand at lunch on weekdays. Advance reservation is desirable.


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Mari Vanna Restaurant. The restaurant “Mari Vanna” stands out Russian cuisine and dishes of other Slavic peoples are their trademark.

Baku Restaurant. There is a restaurant “Baku” located in a picturesque pine park on one of the central streets. One of the best in the city of Lyulya-Kabab and Saj dish of meat and vegetables cooked on an open fire are the most popular orders in this restaurant.

The gastronomic tradition has always been worthy and one of the most noticeable aspects of Azerbaijani culture. Bon appetit, dear guests!

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