Beshbarmag Mountain

Nestled in the heart of the South Caucasus, Azerbaijan boasts a diverse landscape adorned with mountains, rivers, and lush greenery. While the country has long been celebrated for its unique blend of Eastern and Western cultures, one natural wonder has remained the same as it has been centuries ago: Beshbarmag Mountain. This article will take you on a journey through the lost world of it, uncovering its legends. From its ancient history to its unique flora and fauna, Beshbarmag Mountain has something to offer everyone. Whether you're an avid hiker, a nature lover, or simply curious about the world around you, this is a destination you won't want to miss. So come with us on this adventure as we discover the one of the wonders of Azerbaijan.


Centuries ago, the name of this mountain first graced the pages of history through the writings of Musa Galakendli, an Albanian historian from the 7th century. In his chronicles, he vividly described this mountain, which was adorned by a grand fortress at the time. Astonishingly, even today, the remnants of this once-mighty stronghold continue to adorn the slopes of Beshbarmag. However, beyond its historical significance, Beshbarmag Mountain also held great renown as a prominent reference point for seafarers and traders in ancient times, as it starkly contrasted with the soft and predominantly hilly landscape of the region.

It is enveloped in a tapestry of captivating legends, each providing insight into its name's origin, the spiritual significance attributed to it, and the reasons behind its widespread reputation as "The Mountain of Wish Fulfillment." In our exploration of this intriguing subject, we shall embark on a profound journey to unearth the truths behind these enigmatic inquiries.

In the Azerbaijani language, the name "Beshbarmag" holds a literal translation: "five fingers." This nomenclature takes on profound significance when one gazes upon the mountain from a particular vantage point, where its appearance resembles an outstretched palm reaching skyward, creating a visual connection that underscores the aptness of its name.

One captivating legend from the people of Azerbaijan delves into the origins of both the name and shape of Beshbarmag Mountain. In a bygone era, when the mountain more closely resembled a towering hill, a humble farmer resided in a modest village nearby. The farmer was compelled to take action when he learned of a potential cure for his ailing little sister. Whispers from the elderly villagers spoke of a hidden underworld brimming with treasures, not just in the form of gold, but also enigmatic relics such as a miraculous water that could resurrect the dead and remedy any ailment known to humanity along with making every wish of a person who drinks it come true. Yet, tales of this subterranean treasury also carried warnings of its protectors, including a horde of formidable monsters. Most daunting of all, a colossal slumbering guardian lay in close proximity to the treasures, with the mere sound of a pin drop said to rouse this behemoth. The young hero, while undoubtedly shaken by these ominous stories, could not banish the image of his gravely ill sister from his thoughts. Driven by his unwavering determination, he gathered a few of his belongings and set forth on an extraordinary journey into the depths of the Underworld.

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He successfully overcame all the challenges to reach the final obstacle standing between him and the coveted treasures – a slumbering giant, nestled by the spring of magical water. The young boy made a deliberate choice to move with the utmost stealth, carefully sidestepping the dozing monster. He knelt down, filled a bottle with the enchanted water, and believed he was on the verge of triumph.However, as he made his escape, just as he was nearing the exit from the Underworld, he heard the giant awakening behind him. Panic surged through him, and as the giant's massive hand lunged towards him, the boy took a daring gamble. In one swift motion, he drank some of the magical water and made a fervent wish for the Underworld to forever remain beyond the reach of people from the real world. As he dashed towards the exit gates, he heard the giant's ominous growls and felt its colossal hand closing in on him. The result was unexpected – the giant's hand became encased in stone, melding with the gates themselves, which ultimately transformed into the Beshbarmaq Mountain we now recognize.

On his way back home, the farmer noticed that the precious liquid in his bottle was running perilously low. Desperation seized him, and he decided to take one last sip, fervently wishing for a spring of the same magical water to emerge. Astonishingly, his wish materialized, and a new source of the enchanted water gushed forth. On Beshbarmag Mountain, it is believed that by drinking a single sip of this crystal-clear water, your wishes can come true.

This is just one of the numerous legends encircling the mountain. Another tale speaks of seven brothers who served as protectors of the neighboring villages, dwelling on the hill to ensure a clear view of the villages. One fateful day, a sorcerer sought food from one of the villages, but his request was denied. Witnessing this, two of the brothers intervened, engaging in a fateful confrontation with the magician. Tragically, both brothers met their demise in the encounter.

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Overwhelmed by grief and anger, the remaining brothers decided to avenge their fallen siblings by tracking down the magician and exacting "eye for an eye." However, before they could deliver their retribution, the sorcerer uttered a dire curse: "If your land means so much to you, you shall forever remain bound to it. The moment your feet touch the soil of your homeland, each of you will turn to stone." The brothers returned home, somewhat relieved by their act of revenge, not taking the curse seriously.

Yet, as the eldest brother stepped into their dwelling, he began to transform into stone, and one by one, each brother met the same petrifying fate, collectively becoming part of the mountain we know today.

Conclusively, Beshbarmag Mountain stands as an exceptional embodiment of untamed natural beauty and enchanting folklore. Its historical significance, cultural resonance, and the sheer splendor of Azerbaijani landscapes are all intertwined, making this mountain a truly extraordinary wonder.



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