Lakes of Azebaijan

The land of Azerbaijan can be called a lake land without exaggeration, at least because the entire eastern border of our country is the coastline

List of VIP hotels in Baku

The travel operator Azerbaijan Travel International is ready to provide accommodation services for guests

Tourism in Azerbaijan: renaissance after quarantine

2020. These four numbers have become significant for the whole

Jean-Claude Van Damme in Azerbaijan

Vandam village of Gabala district of Azerbaijan is now a new home for a statue of Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Shopping in Baku

The busiest street of the city is Nizami Street. It is also called “Torgovaya” according to the old, pre-revolutionary tradition. The

Baku nightlife

Baku among all cities in Azerbaijan is the most vibrant for its nightlife, ranging from clubs, bars, and discos to live music. Prices for food and drinks are reasonable in comparison

War Trophy Park

During the 44-day Patriotic War, Azerbaijan liberated its lands, which had been under occupation for about 30 years. The long-awaited period of peace has finally arrived in

Karabakh horses

For thousands of years ago horses have been a faithful friend and companion of people. Horse breeding has been practiced in Azerbaijan since ancient times.


Khinalug is an ancient Caucasian village going back to the Caucasian Albanian period. It is located high up in the mountains of Guba district of Azerbaijan.

Mardakan Fortress

Mardakan castle is a quadrangular historic castle located in Mardakan. It is one of the most noticeable castles in Mardakan. The castle was built in the middle of the 12th

Historic mosque in Shemakha city

Traveling in Azerbaijan would be incomplete without visiting the Shemakhi city – the ancient capital of the country.

Common phrases in Azerbaijani

When you will visit Azerbaijan, like in any other country, definitely there will be some people that don’t speak English at all. Here are some most

List of National parks of Azerbaijan

National Parks of Azerbaijan are run by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Diri Baba Mausoleum

Diri Baba mausoleum stands in a square located on a cliff. The first storey has a hall, which has a passageway to an octahedral cupola from a small vestibule.

Old City – Inner City

Baku Old Town is the biggest historical attraction in Baku. Being classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Old Town is not only a bunch of ancient stones, but it is a lively area

Azerbaijani Cuisine (6 Famous Azerbaijani Dishes)

Azerbaijani national cuisine is very diverse and has dozens of different types of dairy, meat, flour, vegetable

5 tips for visiting Azerbaijan, which a tourist should know.

At the beginning, it should be noted that this article has nothing to do with security measures. The law

Temple of Fire “Ateshgah”

A long time ago, even before our era, Hindu Brahmanites and Persians-Zoroastrians heard that in the country called Absheron there are places

Krasnaya Sloboda – Azerbaijan (Caucasian Jerusalem) 1742 year.

Lots of nations intertwined with their roots in the north of Azerbaijan, constituting a single Azerbaijani

Baku Boulevard: History and Geography

Mostly visitors call this place the Embankment. But this can be a bit confusing, because Baku people themselves call Neftyanikov Avenue

Armenia – Azerbaijan (for tourists that want to visit Azerbaijan after visiting Armenia)

Having arrived in Azerbaijan after

Uniqueness of Baku Architecture: Treasures, pollinated by time

The atmosphere of old Baku is found

Bazaars in Baku

What comes first to our mind hearing the word Azerbaijan? Obviously, this is the sun, warm and pleasant weather, the sea breeze of

Universities of Azerbaijan: Which is preferable? 2020

Universities of Azerbaijan

Baku Metro: What Were the Names of the Baku Metro Stations?

Baku Metro

Cinematography of Azerbaijan: The Origin of the Movie in Azerbaijan

December 2000, the former

Azerbaijan in The Second World War: Failure of Hitler, and why the Molotov Cocktail is not Molotov’s?

Azerbaijan’s contribution

The First Circus Of The USSR: Baku (1967) The History Of the “Burning” Circus

The first stationary menagerie

LIST Of Baku Beaches: (Safe/Dangerous Cultural And Wild Beaches of Baku)

Sunny Baku, summer heat,

TOP 3 The Highest Mountains of Azerbaijan – The Giants of the Caucasus

Azerbaijan combines the mountain

How is the weather in Baku? (What You Need to Know Before You Arrive)2020

The capital of Azerbaijan – Baku

U.Hajibeyov:The First Orient Opera(1908)Leyli And Majnun

Word – is a blossom of human’s

The Mud Volcanoes of Azerbaijan(Gobustan) How to visit? 5 ADVICES

Azerbaijan — is one of the former

The Friendship Symbol: Peoples of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is bursting the culture diversity of peoples live in its territory. There are more than

The First Commuter Train in the USSR: (Baku – Sabunchi – Surakhani)

There had been applied to an action the Baku – Sabunchi – Surakhani

The Miracle of the Absheron Peninsula: Why is the colour of Masazir lake pink?

Plunging into the history

Azerbaijan- a precious treasure for a botanist!

It is not a secret that Azerbaijan is a truly incredible land! Fascinating

Euro to Azerbaijani manat – a fresh view of an Austrian designer)

Azerbaijani manat is the first thing

Baku: The first oil well in the world.

Azerbaijan, Baku. 1847, the region named Bibi-Heybat

Thor Heyerdahl: A wanderer amongst the Gobustan cliffs which sparkle blinds.

Azerbaijan has been twice the site of

Pakistan – Azerbaijan

  Analyzing the History of the relationships between Azerbaijan and Pakistan, dozens of facts,

Tickets to Baku

You can travel to Azerbaijan by plane. Azerbaijan’s national carriers are Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL)

Tel-Aviv – Baku!

Before you pay attention to the flight schedule of Tel Aviv – Baku, it is worth recalling the relations of the

Prices in Baku

Appearing in an unfamiliar city, the main thing is to get to know it as close as possible from the beginning.

Tours in Azerbaijan

Full day and multi-day tours in Azerbaijan, such as a tour to Sheki, tour to Gabala, tour to Guba, or an

14 February. Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day for couples would be unforgettable if they choose their

Azerbaijan traditional lunch

   At lunchtime, the restaurants and cafes in Baku are crowded. There are enough people who want to gain an

Tours in Baku. Tours in Azerbaijan

The leading tour operator of Azerbaijan – Azerbaijan Travel International is the best choice for

Azerbaijan national breakfast

Gourmets, who have chosen Azerbaijan as place for traveling, will return to their homeland with full of

The Fastest!

According to the statistics of The National Geographic, Azerbaijan took the first place in the world in excursion tourism.

Caspian Sea – an inspiration for the poets.

  If you decided to choose a tour to Azerbaijan, the meeting with a

Travel to Azerbaijan

The Journeys to Azerbaijan usually begin with landing in the International Airport of  H. Aliyev (Baku). There are plenty of  direct

Merci Baku

Baku tour is an excursion into the history of science, religions and the commercial East. İt is a resort holiday on the coast of the

Gabala – the second cultural capital of Azerbaijan

The history of the city Gabala has its roots in the beginning of our era.

Transport in Baku

Baku is a modern city with a relatively developed transport infrastructure. Taxis are also available here.

Azerbaijan is a winner of NatGeo Traveler Awards

Azerbaijan won the National Geographic Traveler Awards.

Spray Art in Baku

During the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of talented artists in Azerbaijan

Outdoor Recreation in Azerbaijan

In recent years, interest in hiking, trekking, camping and other outdoor activities in Azerbaijan has grown.

Pomegranate Festival

A great pomegranate festival is held annually during the days of collecting pomegranate in Goychay/

Baku Jazz Festival 2019

Baku hosts the Baku Jazz Festival – 2019. More than 25 concerts and events have been organized.

Resorts of Naphtalan

Naftalan is known for the fact that it produces medicinal oil – naphthalan. The foundations of a laboratory study of the properties of oil and minerals of Naftalan were laid in 1926.

Tourism in Azerbaijan

The World Travel and Tourism Council reported that Azerbaijan is now among the top ten countries that has the greatest increase in visitors from 2010 to 2016.

How to get to Azerbaijan

Air Transportation You can travel to Azerbaijan by plane. The national carrier of Azerbaijan is Azerbaijan Airlines